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Felipe VI presides over the Council of Ministers at the Palacio de la Zarzuela

The king presides this Tuesday from 9:30 am at the Palacio de la Zarzuela his first Council of Ministers of the Coalition Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez.

Felipe VI has greeted each of the members of the Government in the Audience Hall, first its president, then the four vice presidents (Carmen Calvo, Pablo Iglesias, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Ribera) and later the other ministers.

In a row there has been a group photo in the palace gardens in which the monarch has been flanked by Sánchez and Carmen Calvo.

It has been later when they have gone back to the Hall of Audiences, the place where the king usually receives his guests and that has been enabled for the occasion.

Around a large central table the 24 chairs in which the head of state and all the members of the Executive have taken their seats have been arranged.

Before starting the meeting it was possible to see how Felipe VI was talking with Sánchez, sitting on his right, and with Pablo Iglesias, who in turn has taken the seat to the right of the head of the Government and who has been the only Cabinet minister That has come without a tie.

The seat to the left of the king has been occupied by the first vice president.

Zarzuela has stressed that the Council is informative, while the denomination used by Moncloa is that of the deliberative Council.

In any case, in this appointment in Zarzuela no measures will be approved, and will be later, in another ordinary meeting in Moncloa, when the Government will give the green light to the decisions foreseen in this week’s agenda.

Among them, it will approve the new taxes on financial transactions and certain digital services, known as Tobin and Google fees, and eliminate the possibility of dismissing for chaining sick leave.

The second meeting of Felipe VI with the ministerial cabinet

It is the second time that Felipe VI has met with the ministerial cabinet since he acceded to the throne, after he did it with the Executive led by Mariano Rajoy in July 2018, also in Zarzuela.

The Constitution, in its article 62, establishes that among the powers that correspond to the king is that of “being informed of the affairs of State and presiding, for this purpose, the sessions of the Council of Ministers when deemed appropriate, at the request of the president of the government”.

In the stage of Juan Carlos I as king, fourteen times he presided over a Council of Ministers between 1976 and 2012 with governments chaired by Felipe González, José María Aznar, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy. (February 18, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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del número de veces que el rey Juan Carlos I presidió un Consejo de Ministros.
del segundo Consejo de Ministro que preside el rey Felipe VI.
de la primera vez que Felipe VI presidió un Consejo de Ministros.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que... (Reading the text, we understand that...)
Carmen Calvo estaba sentada a la izquierda del rey Felipe VI.
Pablo Iglesias estaba sentado a la izquierda de Pedro Sánchez.
Pedro Sánchez estaba sentado en el centro.
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Según el texto, Felipe VI... (According to the text, Felipe VI...)
no estaba sentado en el centro.
estaba sentado a la derecha de Nadia Calviño.
tenía a Pedro Sánchez a su derecha y a Carmen Calvo a su izquierda.
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En el texto se dice que... (It's said in the text that...)
se colocaron solo una docena de sillas alrededor de la mesa.
se desmiente que ese Consejo de Ministro se vaya a celebrar en el Palacio de la Zarzuela.
el rey Felipe VI estuvo conversando con Sánchez antes del inicio de la reunión.
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Según el texto... (According to the text...)
se desmiente que el Gobierno vaya a aprobar nuevos impuestos.
se aprobaron unas medidas cuando los ministros estaban reunidos con el rey Felipe VI.
el Gobierno de Pedro Sánchez aprobará unas medidas cuando estén reunidos en Moncloa.
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Según el texto... (According to the text...)
Juan Carlos I presidió un Consejo de Ministros más veces que Felipe VI.
Felipe VI ha presidido un Consejo Ministros más veces que Juan Carlos I.
Juan Carlos I presidió un Consejo de Ministros en cuatro ocasiones.
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En el vídeo se ve que... (It's watched in the video that...)
Pedro Sánchez está a la derecha de Carmen Calvo cuando posa para la prensa.
Pedro Sánchez está sentado a la izquierda del rey Felipe VI.
el rey Felipe VI está sentado en el centro.
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