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Felipe VI (we will overcome it together)

The voice of King Felipe VI expressing that “the challenge we are living will be overcome together” and in solidarity at the event chaired by the queen in which the latest report of the Cotec Foundation was presented.

That report stresses that science and innovation are essential to face the great challenges and overcome the “global ‘shock’ that the health crisis has generated, which will have” serious economic, social and political consequences “and will force a rethinking of priorities. and plans for the coming years.

For King Felipe VI, the report presented this year by COTEC becomes even more relevant in a context such as the current one and given the challenge of recovering from the crisis.

King Felipe VI considers that support for science is essential to successfully face the challenges posed by crises such as the coronavirus, since, in his opinion, in turbulent times such as the current one, it is evident that innovating is no longer an option , but an obligation.

The coronavirus has been very present in his words, in which he has urged to face the recovery of the damages caused by the pandemic, among them an “very complex and uncertain” economic situation, with courage, hope and serenity, and has shown convinced that this challenge will be overcome by working together and in solidarity.

1.- Listen to the MP3 (May 18, 2020):

2.- Complete the text at the same time that you listen to the audio:

“________ ________ de que el desafío que vivimos lo __________ juntos, solidariamente. _________ muestras de ello a diario, además ______ ________ ________ que nos ____ _____ todos los profesionales y voluntarios que ______ ________ desde ______ _________ _________   a la emergencia, para ________ vidas, para ________  ________ _________ y __________ __________, para _________ ___________ como país, como sociedad y como estado.”

3.- Read the translation of the transcript:

“I am sure that the challenge we live through will be overcome together, in solidarity. We see samples of it every day, in addition to the immense example that all the professionals and volunteers who have responded from the first day to the emergency have given us, to save lives, to attend to basic services and needs, to continue operating as a country, as society and as a state. ”

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