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When Salvador Dalí painted Figure in Profile, a portrait of his sister Anna María (1925), both brothers still enjoyed a good relationship which deteriorated the retrospective of family life that the painter reflected in his autobiographical account Salvador Dalí’s secret life and that Anna María countered with Salvador Dalí seen by her sister (1949).

The disintegration in the relationship of the brothers was reflected in the successive versions of the portraits that the artist executed in 1954 of his sister under the title Young virgin auto-sodomized by her own chastity.

However, this week, Dalí Museum presented Salvador Dalí, an apprentice painter, an exhibition whose central work is precisely the painting “Figure in profile (Sister Anna Maria)”, acquired at the beginning of March by the Gala Salvador Dalí, after paying 2.1 million euros in an auction in London, and after remaining one century in private hands.

The oil is considered “one of the most important in the youth of the painter, of those early years as an artist,” explained the director of the Dalinian Studies Center and curator of the exhibition, Montse Aguer.

The picture Figure in Profile shows his sister, who was his model during the first years as an artist, in the house that the father of the genius had in Cadaqués (Gerona, Spain).

Anna Maria is sitting facing a window through which you can see a landscape where the sea is appreciated, which shows the realism of the work and its belonging to the time of the young Dalí who had not yet made the leap towards surrealism that characterized him.

As far as the public exhibition of this work is concerned, there is only evidence that it was part of a solo Dalí exhibition in 1925 at the Dalmau Galleries, located on Passeig de Gràcia in the Catalan capital, a show in the one that Pablo Picasso, among others, saw first-hand some of Dalí’s first works.

At that time, the one who years later would become one of the most outstanding geniuses of Surrealism, was only 21 years old and was practically a stranger in the art world.

That exhibition showed a total of five drawings and seventeen oil paintings inspired mainly by his sister, his father and in landscapes, among which the most notable was The Figure in a Window (1925), which is currently in the Museum  Reina Sofía in Madrid.

This is the first time, after 1925, that Figure in Profile is exposed to the public because, as explained by the director of the museum, the painting was acquired by the renowned pharmacist and friend of the Dalí family, Joaquim Cusí, for five hundred pesetas and, later, it was part of different private collections. (November, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

News related (January 23, 2011):


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de una obra de Dalí que está siendo expuesta en Figueras.
del hallazgo de una obra de Dalí.
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Según el texto…
es posible que Dalí hubiera retratado a su hermana en algunas de sus obras.
la hermana de Dalí fue retratada en “Figura de perfil”.
la hermana de Dalí nunca fue retratada por ningún artista.
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Dalí y su hermana Anna María siempre se llevaron muy bien.
Es mentira.
¡No se sabe!
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En el texto se dice que…
‘Figura de perfil’ es la obra principal de la exposición.
‘Figura de perfil’ es una obra de Dalí que suele verse mucho en las exposiciones.
‘Figura de perfil’ no ocupa un lugar relevante en la exposición.
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‘Figura de perfil’ es…
una obra que Dalí realizó en sus últimos años de vida.
una obra muy relevante de la primera etapa artística de Dalí.
una obra que carece de interés artístico.
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La obra ‘Figura de perfil’ fue donada a la Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí.
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