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Former Prime Minister François Fillon faced ahead for French conservative candidacy for presidential elections in 2017, after winning in the first round against also former Prime Minister Alain Juppe.


Out the race was former President Nicolas Sarkozy, third in this first round, far away from the other postulants.

Fillon, 62, who during large part of the campaign had been considered as third man of the announced duel between Juppe and Sarkozy, got over in the last weeks, according to polls, to achieve a triumph of large dimensions.

No polls augured that former Prime Minister would got a support so important as 44% votes, 16 points more than Juppe and 23 more than Sarkozy.

He not only was approached to absolute majority but also he received support of Sarkozy and former minister Bruno Le Maire, the fifth in discordance, for the second round.


Dimension of the victory by Fillon was such that some of his lieutenants asked for Juppe was withdrawn from race to avoid dissensions in the right and in the centre.

But Mayor of Bordeaux, who was favourite in the polls during all campaign, decided to continue at stake with the intention of change situation of Fillon’s earthquake, for which he has debate, face to face, that both will held next Thursday.

Duel augurs an opposition between the two postulates more conservative than Fillon against more moderate of Juppe. The winner in the second round has many possibilities to achieve Elysée, according to polls, against a disjointed left wing and an extreme right wing damaged by system of the two rounds.

About 4 million electors flocked to polls in the first round, what it caused long queues and some problems, as the lack of ballots in certain tables, and they appointed Fillon as best placed to win presidential elections on next April and May.


Liberal in the economic field and conservative in the moral, married with a British citizen, father of five sons, he advocates to wear uniform at school and to sing The Marseillaise in the same, to revoke right of adoption for same-sex couples and to strength borders. Fillon has seduced as a good counterpoint to extreme right wing upward in France.

His liberalizing proposals as to put an end to 35-hours working week, to reduce half a million number of the public servants, to eliminate contracts subsided and to reduce unemployment benefits have found an affine public in the conservative hosts in the country.

In Paris, Luis Miguel Pascual to EFE Agency.

November 21, 2016, EFE/Practica Español

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