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Five things that we say when we are bored

In this post, you can find five things that we say when we are bored and another five when someone or something get bored us. Generally, supporters and opponents of the boredom associate the term with the lack of motivation or stimulus, although they still confuse it with doing nothing.

Rae says boredom is the mood that is characterized by tiredness which produces lack of stimulus on the human being. By omitting to specify if that tiredness is due to an inner or external lack (today, the neuroscience and the psychology answer that), colloquially, boredom seems to have a little bit of everything in it, according to frequent expressions.

Five things that we say when we are bored

Me muero de aburrimiento/Me mata el aburrimiento/.
Me aburro de aburrirme.
¡Qué perezón tengo!
Me aburre hasta pensar.
No sé qué hacer para matar el aburrimiento.

Five things that we say if someone or something gets bored us.

¡Qué pereza de tío/a!/¡Es un pereza!
¡Me aburre que me mata!
Aburre a las ovejas.
Esto es soporífero.
Es un triste/Es un gris.

Some people like to get bored. Boredom isn’t bad, they say. For other people, life is an inexhaustible source of stimuli in which verb ‘aburrir’ (to get bored) appears in no its tenses. But none wants to be perceived as a being boring, when it means to be an uninteresting or a no funny person..

By Pia Vall, September 22, 2016, EFE/Practica Español

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