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Florentino Perez, Real Madrid President, said on Sunday, during his visit to the City of Madrid, that winning the third consecutive Champions League, the fourth in five seasons, “is close to miraculous.”

The maximum agent chief executive of the white team headed the expedition that visited the consistory of Madrid. Received by the mayor Manuela Carmena, and once inside the town hall, Perez gave a speech in which he was proud of the last title that Real Madrid has achieved.

“Here we are again, once again and now with the thirteenth European Cup. Last night our team achieved a new feat against a magnificent opponent, Liverpool. The mayor has supported us in the final few hours have been exciting and exhausting. But this conquest is different. It’s three in a row”, he said.

“We have reached 16 finals and we have won 13. What we have accomplished is close to the miraculous. That’s why this club is eternal and legendary. These players and the coach have achieved something seemingly impossible. We have faced the champions of France, Italy and Germany”, he added.

Listen MP3 (May 27, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“A new prodigious title which is product of the union, the companionship, the talent and the daily work of a staff that has a hobby that is at their side and that drives them at all times. A players who have once again demonstrated that with the team spirit, with a permanent desire to excel can achieve what almost everyone considers impossible: three consecutive championships, three European finals followed, conquering the dream most desired by all Real Madrid followers in the world.”

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Question 1
En el MP3, Florentino Pérez...  
está hablando de todos los títulos que ha ganado el Real Madrid.
está hablando de un título que ha ganado el Real Madrid.
está hablando de un partido que va a jugar el Real Madrid.
Question 2
Según el MP3, el Real Madrid...  
todavía no ha ganado la Liga de Campeones.
solo ha ganado tres veces en su historia la Liga de Campeones.
ha ganado tres años seguidos la Liga de Campeones.
Question 3
Florentino Pérez...  
relaciona esta victoria con el esfuerzo y trabajo duro de todo el equipo.
no da mucha importancia al título que ha ganado el equipo.
piensa que no hace falta trabajar duro para ganar este título.
Question 4
Se llama 'madridistas'...  
solo a las personas de Madrid que siguen al Real Madrid.
a las personas que siguen al Real Madrid.
a todas las personas que viven en Madrid.
Question 5
Algo que es 'prodigioso'...    
es extraordinario.
es algo normal.
no tiene mucho valor.
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