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Nothing to do facing the Spanish and English

By Maria Jose Izquierdo J. /// The executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Telefónica, Cesar Alierta, yesterday went up the plataform in the assembly room of the Cervantes Institute in Madrid, and with the authority of ground he walks every day, the communications market, he proclaimed that the global languages ​​are two: Spanish and English.


“Faced with the Spanish and English, that forgive me the rest, but they have nothing to make”,sentenced the Spanish executive, modestly, to risk of upset the local customers of the global company he leads in the world.

In the Cervantes it was presented the SIELE, the Spanish TOEFL, in a hall with no more than 200 people, dedicated to the cause of the Cervantes language, and Telefónica is the partner that develops commercial activity and technological the new Spanish Certificate.

The Siele was presented “a lo grande” (large scale). Proof of this was the presence of two government ministers of Rajoy, Foreign Affairs and Education, and several secretaries of state, backing the initiative.

But sincerity was the usual note of the signatories of the company for the Siele, that will be released it initially in the US, Brazil and China.

Perhaps the Siele is a late initiative, for ones or others, but finally is on track to be a reality in 2016 and with the desire that it to be a good reality.

Next to Siele, has now to come, decidedly, a global impulse for innovation in the education and, within it in, the teaching of Spanish language, foreign or not, because language is the basis of culture and coexistence .

That’s what, more or less, all they recognized, as that the initiative has the stamp of the University of Salamanca, although that the university in Spain, as such, was born in Palencia.

Madrid, 4 septiembre 2014, EFE/Practicaespañol

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