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“From a very young age, I like the questions and the roads that lead to the answers” (Philippe Claudel)

Words of author by French writer, teacher and cinema and TV scriptwriter Philippe Claudel (Nancy, 1962) in his novel Brodeck’s repot (Le rapport de Brodeck) for which he won the Goncourt des Lyceens Prize in 2007, it was edited in Spanish by Salamandra and it was translated from French by Jose Antonio Soriano Marco: “From a very young age, I like the questions and the roads that lead to the answers”.

Philippe Claudel is the author of Gray Souls, Parfums, Under the Toraya Tree, The Investigation and The Granddaughter of Mr. Linh.

Philippe Claudel has also written and directed two feature films I’ve loved you so long (2008), which received two Cesar awards, and Silence d’amour (2011).

In 2012, Claudel replaced Jorge Semprun, writer, screenwriter and Spanish politician, in the jury of the Goncourt Academy.

In 2013, he was interviewed by Catalina Guerrero for the EFE Agency on the occasion of the publication in Spanish of Parfums that he writes when he is 50 and at that moment of his life “in which one takes stock, he asks himself who he is, what he left behind, how he got to where he is, how he relates to others and the world, “he explained to EFE, because he felt the desire to make a collection of the aromas that have marked his life.

“Each letter has an aroma; each verb, a fragrance. Each word brings to memory a place and its smells. And the text that we weave little by little, randomly duplicated of the alphabet and memory, becomes the wonderful and perfumed river, a thousand times branched, of our dreamed life, of our lived life, of our life to live, that takes us and at the same time it reveals us “, writes Philippe Claudel.

Many of his books, he says, would not exist if he had not met men and women who “had incredible experiences and who crossed that fine border between good and evil.”

Fidelity to people (“He has been married to the same woman for 30 years”) and to the places he loves, as well as his tendency to observe (“I am a great contemplative”) are features of Claudel’s character, he told EFE.

Happiness, well-being is in everyday things, in small things,” he said then.

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