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Geneva / A work which was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1968 is now owned by 25,000 individuals who bought it “in pieces” through the Internet, “something unusual in the art world, reluctant to sell to strangers,” said Lionel Bovier, director of the MAMCO museum in Geneva, in which it is now exhibited.

The painting was acquired through an online sales platform for 2 million Swiss francs (2.02 million dollars).

The work, entitled “Buste de mousquetaire” (bust of musketeer) was put on sale by the Swiss platform QoQa in December 2017 and was acquired in just 48 hours by the cyber community.

The picture of the Spanish master was divided into 40,000 parts, which were sold at 50 Swiss francs (50.7 dollars) each.

The work is now exhibited at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva (MAMCO), where it can be visited until next October.

“We agreed to expose the work for six months and make it accessible to the public, but especially to the owners,” said the director of the museum, most of the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

On the other hand, “this is the first acquisition of an important piece of modern art by a community on the Internet,” according to the head of Institutional Communication of MAMCO, Viviane Reybier.

“The work is part of Picasso’s latest production, in which he took up interests of his youth and in which musketeers and bullfighters are recurring motifs,” explained museum director Lionel Bovier.

The museum has sent each of its owners a card that allows them to enter MAMCO for free during the entire period in which the work is exposed.

Bovier recalled that the acquisition process of the Picasso recalls what happened in the city of Basel 50 years ago, when it suggested to its inhabitants in a referendum to increase taxes to buy two canvases.

These were two works, precisely, by Picasso.

In the referendum won the “yes”, and the Spanish painter, very impressed with the attitude of the Swiss population, decided to give several canvases “to the young people of Basel”. (May 11, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que...
una sola obra de Picasso se vendió a miles de particulares.
miles de personas podrían pujar para adquirir una obra de Picasso.
miles de personas pujaron por una obra de Picasso pero solo una ganó la subasta.
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En el texto se dice que...
la subasta la realizó un particular.
la subasta se realizó en Internet.
la subasta tuvo lugar en una conocida casa de subastas.
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Según el texto...
es muy frecuente que varios particulares decidan adquirir de forma conjunta un lote en subasta.
todavía nunca se ha vendido una misma obra de arte a miles de personas en una subasta.
no es muy frecuente que varias personas compren un mismo lote en una subasta.
Question 4
La obra que compraron esas personas...
se puede ver durante tiempo expuesta en un museo sueco.
está expuesta en un museo de Suiza.
podría ser exhibida en un museo de la capital de Suiza.
Question 5
"El busto del mosquetero" es una de las primeras obras de Picasso.
Para nada.
No se sabe.
Claro que sí.
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Cada uno de los propietarios de este cuadro...
pagó miles de dólares por su parte.
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