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Gloria Estefan returns through the front door feeling “honor”

Mexico / Gloria Estefan returns after seven years without publishing an album and she does so from the Brazilian rhythm, in honor of this country and grateful for being able to continue singing: “music saved me. It is a privilege and an honor that other people listen to my music and I will continue doing it until the day that I cannot sing, ”she said in an interview with EFE.

“When there is love” is the first single that sees the light of the next album by the Cuban artist, who after seven years – a pause also influenced by the death of her mother in 2017 – once again cheers her fans with her music in a complex time worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although she assured in an interview that she did not feel nervous, she confessed that she was very excited to return to the ring with all the desire and with an album totally dedicated to Brazil, a country that shares a lot of musical culture with her native Cuba and whose music she pays a great tribute to.

She said that when she was just a girl, music helped her go through difficult times in which she had to take care of her father – she had multiple sclerosis. “I came home from school and I locked myself up to learn songs with the guitar and cry so that my mother would not see me wrong and be able to let go of all that emotion. I wanted to look strong, “he explained.

The “privilege” of making music

For this reason, for the artist, who is one of the most recognized singers worldwide, it is a “privilege” to be able to offer her art to her followers, with whom she is very grateful, especially since the accident she suffered 30 years ago in which he almost lost his life, at which point, he assured, he felt the prayers “physically” coming from all over the world.

And it is now, when the world is going through a complex situation, that new music by Estefan arrives, characteristic for singing to joy and love.

“This (‘ When there is love ’) is one of the four unreleased tracks on the album. Mostly they will be hits that you already know but totally in Brazilian rhythm. (…) It’s like, if I had been born in Brazil, what would my music be like? ”, Explained the singer based in the United States.

The album has been cooking for four years and was recorded almost entirely in Brazil, with Brazilian producers and arrangers. When Estefan received the proposal, she did not hesitate to embark on the project, since all her life she was an admirer of many Brazilian musicians and on other occasions she has honored this culture that, she assured, has a great relationship with Cuban culture.

“I am music and music lover, my mother had a very eclectic taste, she raised me listening to music not only from the United States, but also from classics from Cuba and also from Brazil. Since I was a child I had that love for Brazilian music, it is complex and incredibly sensual, ”she said.

An icon with a long way to go

And with this album Estefan has fourteen studio albums, most of them critically praised and, above all, embraced by the public who, since he began his musical career in the late 1970s when he was about to go to Studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, she has always filled stadiums and bought records all over the world.

Therefore, the singer is an icon of Latin music who, along with others such as Carlos Santana or Juan Luis Guerra, promoted this genre that now encompasses many of the most listened to artists of the moment.

“Every time someone opens the door a little more, it helps to pass the one behind. (Carlos) Santana and (José) Feliciano were my example. For me it has been a challenge and very nice to be able to shake hands and help other Latino artists to become international, ”said the singer.

And she also had words of thanks for the producer Emilio Estefan, her husband, with whom she has been working for several decades.

“We are a very good ‘team’. Every artist who works with him is happy and impressed because he knows how to give everyone the best of him and is highly organized and motivating. I admire him very much and I will always be working with him at all times, ”she concluded. (June 29, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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