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Good weather replaces the state of alarm and towels, chairs and sunbeds return to the beaches of Cantabria

Santander / The end of the state of alarm was received in very good weather in Cantabria where the neighbors filled the Santander beaches and were encouraged to responsibly spread their towels in the sand (or chairs and deck chairs) and dive into the waters of the Cantabrian Sea, keeping their distance anti COVID-19.

“We have taken it with enthusiasm, we already wanted that days as good as yesterday and today will come, and people have been encouraged to go to the beach. There are people but everything is very calm, with distance and responsible use, the truth, ”said the Councilor for the Environment, Margarita Rojo, after visiting the beaches of Sardinero and Mataleñas on Sunday and checking it out in person.

The city of Santander is preparing to receive tourists from July 1, preparing accesses to the beaches and creating corridors with stakes. Councilor Rojo believes that people will want to travel this summer to Santander, and to the rest of Cantabria, where “too many cases” of COVID-19 have not been registered.

For this reason, in the next few days and starting at the Sardinero beach, we will work with the signage and the devices that are required to count users and know their degree of occupation at all times and avoid waiting lines.

Information campaigns in traditional media

The idea is that wedges be introduced on the first weekends that, in addition to the usual information on flags and the state of the sea, offer information on capacity and capacity.

“The information is going to be important and since the Santander City Council wants it to reach everyone, campaigns will be carried out in more traditional media (written and radio media) because there is an older sector of the population that is not so familiar with the devices, “he says.

In addition there will be an application that will allow you to go to the beaches from any mobile device and see a still image that will be provided by the cameras that the Government of Cantabria will place in all those of the community. The City Council will also provide the capacity of each beach and the rest of usual information, such as where you can find the showers or the waste bins or the color of the flags, on their website. And it will link it with tourist information about other points of interest in the city.

“People already intuit that this summer is not going to be the same, they start asking and that is good. Our daily life is changing in many ways and it is good that people understand that the beach and public spaces in general must be enjoyed in a different way. This weekend has been a test to see that attitude, “says the mayor.

And what he hopes is that in the following ones it will go just as well. “Above all that we become aware and that we do it as well as this weekend, that we go with a positive attitude and with stays not too long to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a little while on the beach.” (June 21, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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