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Goodbye to the hand that flew higher than England and never regretted scoring a goal with his left fist

Buenos Aires / London / Soccer star Diego Maradona died this Wednesday at his residence in the province of Buenos Aires at the age of 60. “Diego died,” Sebastián Sanchi, the press officer of the world champion with Argentina in Mexico 1986 told EFE.

Around 1:00 p.m. local time (4:00 p.m. GMT) some local media reported that Maradona suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in the province of Buenos Aires and that at least four ambulances went to his home.

The 60-year-old trainer was hospitalized in a Buenos Aires clinic for ten days at the beginning of November due to anemia, dehydration and a “low mood”, but when doing checkups he was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma for which he was operated.

Later, the La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing coach had “some episodes of confusion” that the doctors “associated” with “a withdrawal condition”.

The goal he never regretted

“He scored one of the best goals in history, but Mexico will always remember him as a cheater.” England was furious, exalted and incredulous seeing how a genius broke their hearts with a play of rogue, impostor, tightrope walker. A play by Diego Armando Maradona, “the hand of God”.

The phrase in quotes corresponds to Harry Harris, a British journalist who covered the 1986 World Cup for the Daily Mirror and who defined fluff as what it was at the time for the millions of English viewers who saw how a trap and a genius by Maradona kept them away of the World Cup.

“The man they call the best soccer player in the world put Argentina in the semifinals of the World Cup with a flagrant trap,” Harris wrote that June 22, 1986, still on fire after what more than 100,000 people had witnessed in the Azteca of Mexico , but who had not appreciated the most important of all: the referee, Ali Ben Nasser.

The only sure thing is that the goal was going to go up to the scoreboard. It was the effervescence of that football, where no technology could cut off the catharsis.

“He was a malevolent and magnificent act at the same time. I did not see the hand at first because I did not have access to the repetitions, but the return from London would come to me saying: ‘When they jump, Maradona shakes his hand,’ “Davies said in his biography.

The other major player involved in that jump, Peter Shilton, the man who didn’t fly as much as God’s hand, explained that Maradona knew he would never get to the ball, so he decided to use his hand: “The only way he could have gotten there before that I was with the hand ”.

“He never asked for forgiveness. Instead of saying “it was the hand of God,” he should have admitted it. He chose not to. ”

Revenge 16 years later

Shilton’s anger was the same that all of England kept for years, because Maradona had deprived them of going to the quarterfinals for the first time outside its borders and because it represented a kind of revenge after what happened four years ago in the Falklands.

In 1998 England beat Argentina in the group stage with a goal from Beckham and all those journalists who left Azteca defeated 16 years ago took their revenge with ink and paper.

“God’s Foot,” the Daily Star exhibited. “What sweet revenge,” the Daily Mail headlined. “Redemption,” said the Daily Mirror. (November 25, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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Question 1
En general, el texto habla...  
de los equipos que ha entrenado un conocido futbolista argentino.
del motivo del fallecimiento de un conocido futbolista argentino.
de lo que hizo en un Mundial un conocido futbolista argentino.
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En el texto se dice que...  
se desmiente que Maradona haya tenido algún problema de salud a principios de este mes.
Maradona murió en la capital de Argentina.
Maradona se encuentra actualmente hospitalizado en un hospital de Buenos Aires.
Question 3
Según el texto...  
el propio Maradona reconoció que marcó un tanto a Inglaterra utilizando la mano.
Maradona marcó un gol a Inglaterra con la mano en un Mundial de fútbol.
se desmiente que Maradona haya marcado un gol utilizando la mano.
Question 4
Tras leer el texto entendemos que en el Mundial del 86...  
ningún medio británico llegó a pensar que Argentina se clasificó por la trampa que hizo Maradona.
el tanto que marcó Maradona contra Inglaterra fue anulado por el árbitro.
los medios británicos consideraron que Argentina se clasificó a las semifinales por una trampa que hizo Maradona.
Question 5
En el texto se dice que Maradona...  
desmintió que ese gol se marcara gracias a "la mano de Dios".
admitió que nunca estuvo la "mano de Dios" en esa jugada.
dijo que ese gol se marcó gracias a "la mano de Dios".
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Según el texto...  
Inglaterra siempre ganó a Argentina en todos los partidos que disputó contra esta selección.
Inglaterra no llegó nunca a ganar a Argentina en ningún mundial.
Inglaterra tuvo la revancha cuando derrotó a Argentina a finales de los noventa.
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"como poco".
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al futbolista Diego Maradona.
a la selección argentina.
a una jugada de fútbol.
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Lo contrario de "malévolo" es...      
Question 10
Según el vídeo...  
Maradona no tuvo nunca ningún tipo de adicción.
Maradona no solo jugó en el Boca Juniors sino también en el Barcelona.
Maradona jugó por vez primera con la selección argentina cuando tenía 16 años.
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