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- Eight tips to edit your texts in Spanish -

Eight tips to edit your texts in Spanish

Are you already able to write fluently in Spanish? Now take your texts to another level with these eight basic tips on editing and turn them into professional …

- “Recordar” or “acordarse”? -

“Recordar” or “acordarse”?

In English the verb remember express these two meanings. Both of them mean ‘bear something on mind’, but their argument structure, which refers to …

- Where are you from?: The demonym -

Where are you from?: The demonym

 Where are you from? Demonym denote the relation with the geographical location where it comes from: Asturiano (from Asturias), Sevillano (from Sevilla), …

- Prepositions are 23 -

Prepositions are 23

√   Without prepositions,we can’t express correctly the majority of the sentences in which we communicate:   √  We use 23 prepositions:   …

- The prefix "extra-" -

The prefix "extra-"

La prefijación es el mecanismo por el cual se crea una nueva palabra añadiendo un prefijo a otra palabra que ya

- Subordinating conjunctions -

Subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions introduce a sentence which is subordinated to a word or sentence. That is, the subordinate clause introduced by this type of …



Conjunctions are a class of words that are characterized by: Invariable words: they do not admit changes of gender and number. Usually atonic or unstressed …



The relative clauses introduce information about an element that precedes them and is known as “antecedent” in grammar. The antecedent is found in …

- Ser and estar + Adjectives -

Ser and estar + Adjectives

Ser and estar + adjectives Did you know to use the same adjective with ser and estar, changes its meaning? 1. Rico Ser+ rico= person that has a lot of money. …

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