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Grapes and 12 expressions to speak with them

Keep in mind that in Spanish it is not the same “estar de mala uva”  that ‘tener mala uva”  and we use the word ‘grape’ in a figurative sense with many popular expressions and colloquialisms, and among them we have selected 12 to understand better the popular Spanish lexical and better pronunciation with this MP3, now that we are a few days away from ‘comer las uvas’ to receive the new year.


Estar de muy mala uva ( to be in a bad mood) / To be in a bad mood

De higos a brevas y de uvas a peras (very from time to time) /  Once in a blue moon

Estar a por uvas (to get absent-minded) / Not to finish off

Le dieron las uvas  (to do anything too late) / To do anything too late

Ir a por uvas  (go out of the way, fail) / To take the plunge

Salir a por uvas (to leave your job unattended) / To neglect your workstation

Por cada uva, un deseo (proverb about the end of the year grapes) / A desire for each grape

Las doce uvas de la suerte (the grapes for New-Year’s Eve) / Twelve grapes eaten at midnight on New-Year’s Eve

Estar como una uva (In Venezuela,  to be well, to enjoy good health) / To feel as fresh as a daisy

Los dioses comen uvas (French proverb)  / Goddess eat grapes

De las uvas sale el vino, y del vino el desatino (to lose control when drinking too much) / Grapes produces wine, and the wine foolishness

Uvas con queso saben a beso (proverb)  / Grapes with cheese taste as a kiss

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