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The dizzying views on the world’s longest glass bridge attract thousands of intrepid people every day in northeastern China, where such walkways have become fashionable to attract tourists who challenge fear to experience the sensation of wandering “in the air”. China is home to half of the longest glass bridges in the world, about 60.

Only the brave people walk with firm step the 488 meters of length in the new construction that “floats” to 218 meters on two cliffs in the natural park in Hongyagu, near the town of Banshan, while the majority is helped by the railings to take timid steps on that vertigo footbridge.

“I get the feeling that I’m going to fall, I get very nervous,” confesses to EFE the young Zhang Nan, who walks slowly down the glass catwalk holding the arm of two friends.

This new bridge has no practical use, except to become a tourist attraction to promote Hongyagu, a natural park hitherto virtually unknown, about 350 kilometres southwest of Beijing.

Since its recent inauguration, some 2,000 people go daily to this remote place in the province of Hebei simply to feel the chilling sensation of walking “in the air”.

“What I like most about the bridge is the feeling that my heart is racing,” says another tourist, Cui Meng.

In the center of the catwalk, built by 1,077 glass plates of only four centimeters thick, all seek the best selfie to show off on social networks. The walk, however, is not suitable for cardiac, especially when the wind blows or the first snowflakes of winter fall, which make the glass more slippery.

These vertigo bridges cause a furor in China, where each province competes to attract hundreds of millions of internal tourists who move through the national territory every year.

Since 2016, the record of the longest glass bridge in the world at 430 meters was held by the Zhangjiajie natural park (Hunan province), which inspired the fantastic worlds in the movie Avatar. (January 11, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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de un nuevo puente que tiene el suelo de cristal.
de un puente que está hecho solo de cristal.
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este tipo de puentes apenas despiertan interés en China.
este tipo de puentes son muy populares en China.
cada vez hay más puentes de cristal por todo el mundo.
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Se construyen este tipo de puentes…
porque son los más seguros del mundo.
porque los materiales de construcción son muy baratos.
para que haya más turismo en la zona.
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la mayoría de la gente camina despacio y con miedo por estos puentes.
es muy raro que haya personas que sientan miedo mientras caminan por estos puentes.
todo el mundo avanza agarrándose a la barandilla de estos puentes.
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Según el texto...
se recomienda que las personas con problemas de corazón caminen por estos puentes.
es bueno que las personas con enfermedades del corazón caminen por estos puentes.
no se recomienda que las personas que tengan enfermedades al corazón caminen por estos puentes.
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Este puente nuevo se encuentra en el centro de la capital china.
Es mentira.
Es verdad.
¡Nadie lo sabe!
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China es el país que tiene más puentes de cristal.
No se sabe.
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