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Holy Week in Malaga has its own identity

Malaga (Spain) / Those who have been in Andalusia during Holy Week know first hand that they live with a different feeling from the rest of Spain, but if they have also chosen Malaga as a destination, they have been able to verify that the Passion Week of the capital has its own identity.


It is necessary to remember that in Malaga ‘pasos’ are called ‘tronos’ and that they are not ‘costaleros’, but men of throne who in sight and in ‘varales’ carry the images.

What some people don’t know is that at the foot of the images, in the heart of the “cajillo” – inferior structure of the throne, groups of men put their shoulders and also share during the year the solidary work of the brotherhoods.

Popularly known as “submarines”, many of these groups have been emerging in the different brotherhoods in Malaga in recent years and some of them have acquired their own identity linked to their history and tradition.

This is the case of La Galera de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Coronada de la Cogragación de Mena, with a great seafaring connection, La Fragua de María Santísima de la O de la Hermandad de la Columna or Las Entrañas de la Virgen de los Dolores Coronada de la Archicofradía de la Expiración.

However, it was 25 years ago when a group of brothers revolutionized the world of the man of throne and was introduced for the first time under one of them, that of the María Santísima de la Esperanza, whose most visible head is, for years, the actor Antonio Banderas.

Forty men for whom faith goes beyond a processional exit and who throughout the year not only maintain their brotherhood activity, but also carry out important charitable activities that transcend the social work carried out by the Archconfraternity to which they belong.

José Miguel Navas, head of the throne table of María Santísima de la Esperanza for almost 20 years, explained to EFE that the germ of the submarine is based on “friendship among its members”, a relationship that is not blood, is fraternal, and with which they try to infect any of the projects in which they are involved.

Benefit festivals

In this stage, they have organized four charity festivals with which they have raised more than 150,000 euros for social work, in collaboration with international organizations such as Manos Unidas, but also at a local level, with local entities.

“When the crisis came to Malaga, it coincided with the third festival and decided to allocate the collection to soup kitchens, for example, because we understood the city needed us at that time,” said Navas.

In the case of La Galera de la Soledad de Mena, its 38 members not only take the oars every Holy Thursday so that the galleon of the Virgin navigates the streets of Malaga. They also strive every day to help those who need it most.

“What we collect goes for the social work of the Congregation, but usually we organize toy pick-ups at Christmas, we make T-shirts to help the Hermanitas de la Cruz and we sell lottery with the date of the Coronación Canónica de la Virgen, on June 11, 2016 “, detailed Sergio Carnero, patron of La Galera for 17 years.

Along with them, many others put their shoulders and live their big day of the Passion Week with the satisfaction of a job well done, without bragging, from anonymity.

Because they are the hidden face of Holy Week, which the public does not see but which exists, which does not speak but feels and in which that of “Love your neighbor as yourself” is philosophy of life. (April 15, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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