Learn the plural of the days of the week in Spanish.
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How are the plurals of the days of the week in Spanish?

How are plurals of the days of the week in Spanish? There are two ways to make them:


1) adding the definite article “los”. This is the way to make only the plural of the following days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We say:  

El lunes →  Los lunes
El martes  → Los martes
El miércoles→  Los miércoles
El jueves Los→ Los jueves
El viernes Los → Los viernes

We don´t say

los luneses

los marteses

los miércoleses

los jueveses

los vierneses

 2) adding the definite article “los” and – s. So we do the plural the Saturday and Sunday.

We say:

El sábado → Los sábados
El domingo →  Los domingos

Don’t forget that!

The article is always used in masculine gender. In addition to articles, can also be the plural with indefinite and other determinants, always in masculine gender.


Algunos lunes voy al gimnasio.
Todos los domingos leo obras de teatro.
Mis lunes son mejores que los tuyos.


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