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How to participate in Dance Day from home

Madrid / As has already happened with Theater Day or Book Day, the day dedicated to Dance will have to settle for virtual activities, although dance artists have thrown creativity so that lovers of this art enjoy watching and participating.

Accepting challenges from great dancers such as Rubén Olmo and Joaquín de Luz, contemplating spectacular choreographies, learning a little more about the world of dance or reflecting on the message of this International Day, are some of the interesting proposals for this day.

A challenge to dance from home

Social networks also take center stage on this day through the challenge proposed by the National Ballet of Spain (BNE) and the National Dance Company (CND) that encourages a version of Ravel’s “Bolero” performed by the Galician piper Carlos Núñez.

In a joint video Rubén Olmo and Joaquín de Luz, directors of the BNE and the CND, respectively, propose individual choreographies for their imitation in the #ChallengeDanza # YoBailoEnCasa challenge. With this initiative, the BNE and the CND intend for the networks to fill movement. For this reason, they too have shared a joint video in which dancers and teachers from both institutions dance in their own version of the “Bolero”.

“Resistiré”, the tribute of Antonio Najarro

To the sound of Sandra Carrasco’s version of “Resistiré”, the dancer Antonio Najarro has paid his personal tribute to dance since his confinement in Madrid; a choreography in which he has exposed his “soul through dance”.

Najarro, director for eight years of the BNE and ambassador of Spanish dance in the world, has wanted to encourage “to keep intact the love for art”, as explained by the Record Time agency in a note.

Antonio Najarro’s movements are one more contribution of the performing arts, which have been “absolutely generous” during this confinement and have been overturned, driven by “a need to want to make life a little better for everyone in the confined world,” according to The dancer said this Tuesday to EFE.

Classical dance shows thanks to the Teatro Real

On the occasion of Dance Day, the Royal Theater presents this week three new shows on its MyOperaPlayer platform: “L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato”, “Swan Lake” and “Bodas de sangre”.

MyOperaPlayer’s special programming is available to the public for free: all you have to do is enter the code OperaEnCasa on the online opera platform.

Arantxa Aguirre’s cinema
The independent film platform Márgenes has launched the trilogy “Arantxa Aguirre: Choreography of light”, a sample of the filmmaker’s special bond with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, one of the most prestigious companies in the world.

Available in catalog until June 1, the series includes the titles “Dancing Beethoven” (2016), “The effort and the spirit” (2009) and “An american swan in Paris” (2011).

Delve into the world of dance

The dancers and choreographers Cesc Gelabert, Àngels Margarit and Toni Mira will talk about the body, the choreography, the movement and the history of the dance in talks that can be seen on the CaixaForum social networks, which have a special program to celebrate this event in “Dance filmed at home”.

In addition, the series “Confined Encounters”, with current creators and artists, today features the dancer Núria Guiu.

School and theater celebrations

In addition to the commemorations of the great institutions of the world of dance, members of local schools and theaters have also mobilized to celebrate the great day of their discipline from a distance.

The Valencians La Mutant and Teatre El Musical (TEM), the Andalusian Dance Center, the López de Ayala Theater in Bajadoz or the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona are some of the organizations with their own initiatives to bring dance to all homes through of videos and messages on their web pages and social networks.

A common reflection

In the face of the “catastrophic” effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than one hundred professionals from the world of dance have united in a common demand for “a viable future” for their sector.

María Pagés, Antonio Najarro, Olga Pericet and Eva Yerbabuena are some of the signatories of the letter “In defense of dance”, in which the artists propose the search for worthy solutions to “prevent the destruction of dance as part of the cultural and symbolic architecture of Spain ”.

Gregory Vuyani Maqoma’s message

And to the extraordinary reflection is added the traditional speech for the International Day of Dance, which this year is given by the South African dancer, choreographer, teacher and actor Gregory Vuyani Maqoma.

“More than ever, we need to dance with a purpose; to remind the world that humanity still exists ”, he reflects in his message, which concludes with a tip:“ All we need now is to dance a little more! ” (April 29, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related video news (2012):


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