Is it the same in Spanish ?
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How to use in Spanish ‘echar (se) a + infinitive

Could have formulated the headline of this post in this other way, but Is it the same in Spanish ‘echar a + infinitive? than ‘echarse a + infinitive’. When we want to express the beginning of an action that involves movement with verbs such as flying, walking, or running, we use the form ‘echar a + infinitive’, but when we want to express of the action beginning with verbs that speak of emotions such as laughing, crying, or trembling we used ‘echarse a +infinitive’. And we never say ‘echaron a to be changes’ to say the changes began or ‘echaron a colocar’ the chairs”. ‘Echar (se) a + infinitive works badly as synonymous with ‘begin’ or ‘start’ when we speak of beginning of a process. Here I leave you several examples of sentences to practice and do not forget you that this ‘echar’ not writte with ‘hache’:



echar a + infinitive

El chico echa a correr cuando te ve (The boy runs when he sees you)

Martín echó a andar muy deprisa (Martin started walking very fast).

El pájaro tembló y echó a volar (The bird trembled and started the flight).

Jamás echa a andar descalzo (Never he walks barefoot)

Echa a andar la campaña electoral (the electoral campaign starts).

Ahora echa a andar… (Now she starts walking)



echarse a + infinitive

El público se echó a reír (the public started laughing ).

Las profesoras se echaron a temblar (the teachers started to tremble).

Los niños se echaron a llorar (the children started to cry).

Otra vez se echó a reír (Again he started laughing)

Se echó a reír por no llorar (He started laughing for not cry).

Se echó a llorar de la emoción (He started to cry of emotion)


Not say: 

Echó a hacer las costuras del vestido.

Echó a ir de paseo.

Echó a construir la paz.

Echaba a hacer el presupuesto.

Echa a tocar la campana.

Echó a caer agua del cielo.

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To written this post I consulted the recommendations of The New Spanish Grammar of RAE.

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