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Huge demonstration for unity of Spain in Barcelona

A massive peaceful march toured the center of Barcelona on Sunday in defense of the unity of Spain and against the independence of Catalonia under the slogan “Let’s recover the common sense”, convene by Societat Civil Catalana.

According to the organizers, there were about one million people, a figure that urban police reduced to 350,000 and at the end of the march was read a manifest in which they called for an end to the “marginalization” of non-nationalist Catalans, well as with the “confrontation”, “confusion” and “pain” of the population of Catalonia fot the october 1.

“No political actor should omit that non-nationalist Catalans we are part of the landscape and that we are also Catalan society. It finish off marginalization, we have the right to be heard and to be taken keep in mind”

The manifest, initially read in Spanish by SCC Vice-President Álex Ramos, appeals to “common sense” and highlights the “determined determination to end a process that has leaded the Catalans to the confrontation, confusion, pain and hopelessness”.

“The risks of the independence process that we have been warning for years have reached their maximum visibility: the nationalists have reached the very edge of the abyss and now they want to throw Catalan society on the void” he says.

The authors of the manifest accuse the promoters of this process of “violating the system of rights and freedoms”, of “instrumentalizing the institutions in the service of their objectives” and of “breaking the coexistence”.

As a result, they cite the “constant discussions in families and among friends,” the “escape” of businesses, and the existence of “the minors confronted in the classroom facing issues they are really unable to understand.”

Under the flags of Spain, Senyera and European

Urquinaona Square began to fill an hour and a half before the start of the march, which crossed the Via Laietana and ended at the Marqués de Argentera Avenue, in front of the France station, where a manifest was read.

Among the many Spanish flags, ‘senyeres’ – the Catalan flag – and some European, the march began to move slowly from 12.00 am, between cries of’ Puigdemont a prison ‘,’ I am Spanish ‘or’ Live España, live Catalonia and live the Civil Guard “and it passing by the Police Headquarters in Via Laietana, among applause the citizens shouted:” You are not alone. “

In the center of the march was a large banner with a heart divided in three parts, with the colors of the Catalan, Spanish and European flags.

Other banners with slogans such as “The unity of Spain is not voted or negotiated! It defends itself!”, “Coup no!”, “Spain we are all” or “155 already” (referring to article 155 of the Constitution authorizing the suspension of autonomy)

At the head of the demonstration, following the banner with the slogan of the organizers, along with the President of Catalan Civil Society, Mariano Gomà, and the political representatives of the PP, Citizens and PSC who attended the march, was the Nobel Prize for literature Mario Vargas Llosa, one of the readers of the manifesto.

Previously, at 10 am, hundreds of people summoned by associations opposed to the independence of Catalonia concentrated in front of the Guardia Civil de Travessera de Gràcia to thank the state security forces their actions to prevent the referendum of the October 1, suspended by the Constitutional Court.

Also Saturday Spanish citizens manifested themselves in Madrid, Barcelona and several city councils and they calls the unity of Spain and the dialogue, respectively. (8 October, 2017, EFE / Practica Español)

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la celebración del día de la Hispanidad en Cataluña.
una marcha ciudadana en Cataluña a favor de la unidad de España y contra el separatismo.
la conmemoración del Estatuto de Autonomía de Cataluña.
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no nacionalistas
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el nacionalismo es el vacío.
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todos los colores.
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recuperar la política catalana.
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conducir las pasiones a la calle.
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