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Hundreds of police guard Viña del Mar festival amid protests

Viña del Mar (Chile) / Hundreds of agents were deployed on Tuesday in the Chilean coastal city of Viña del Mar to prevent repeated disturbances in the previous days, despite which several hundred protesters set some barricades on fire and they clashed with the uniformed.

The intensity of the protests was reduced in relation to the serious acts of violence that occurred last Sunday, but the protesters returned to meet in the Vergara Square of the spa town, just two blocks from the festival site.

The number was lower than the previous days and you could see a large number of agents of the Special Forces of Police (militarized police) surrounding the vicinity of the Quinta Vergara, amphitheater where the musical contest is held.

From the early afternoon the protest was gathering people in a square full of uniforms, riot tanks, water-throwing cars (popularly known as guanacos) and gas-throwing cars.

Although the protesters were peacefully in the square, the agents made raids in the crowd from time to time, either on foot in squads with riot shields or through motorized equipment that dozens crossed with motorcycles through the middle of the gardens of the square.

However, the mobilized people did not hesitate to march through the surrounding streets in an attempt to reach the site where the festival is held, a journey in which several barricades were set on fire with garbage containers and other elements.

The police, who were waiting with a large contingent on the possible actions of the protesters, quickly deployed to prevent them from approaching the festival area.

Hundreds of carabineros in continuous movement

State agents devised a containment device at a distance of two streets around Quinta Vergara, keeping the protesters away, and deployed a large contingent of constantly mobilized and motorized riot police on foot.

Dressed in a large number of tear gas bombs, the policemen fired the deterrent devices every time the congregated people tried to move from the square where they were.

They were also supported by the cars and motorcycles that surrounded the place from time to time and dispersed the protesters, making arrests, at least three that EFE could contrast on the ground.

The repudiation of the festival

The protesters gathered in the Plaza Vergara explained that the reasons for their protest are the same as those of the rest of Chileans who for more than four months are manifested throughout the country, a social revolt against inequality and the government of conservative Sebastián Piñera that leaves at least 30 dead and thousands injured.

However, the conjuncture of the Viña del Mar festival is a situation that citizens consider unnecessary in view of the situation in the country.

Óscar Fernández, one of the protesters who protested near the festival on Tuesday, explained to EFE that the completion of this 61 edition was unnecessary.

“Viña del Mar is a city that is not exempt from the social problems we are experiencing and all these people are fighting for that. Here (at the festival) there are a million dollars invested and in the sectors of Viña del Mar we are passing needs of light, of water, unpaved streets, “he said.

Orieta Abarca, another of the people who, with a Chilean flag in his hand, showed his discontent in the central square of the garden city, coincided with Fernández.

“The country is bad and they take the Police, the pacos (Carabineros) to the street. Everything is wrong in Chile and there should be no festival, it is a lack of criteria because if the country is in crisis there should be no festival” , he claimed. (February 26, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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cuándo los chilenos comenzaron a protestar contra el Gobierno de Sebastián Piñera.
unas protestas que están teniendo lugar en Viña del Mar.
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desplegaron a más agentes para evitar que ocurra de nuevo lo sucedido en días anteriores.
se desmiente que en la jornada del martes los manifestantes se hayan enfrentado a los agentes.
las protestas son cada vez más violentas en Viña del Mar.
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los agentes tomaron medidas para evitar que los manifestantes llegaran al lugar donde se está celebrando un festival.
las autoridades permitieron que los manifestantes pudieran acercarse a la zona del festival.
los manifestantes lograron llegar a la zona del festival sin ningún tipo de esfuerzo.
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protestan porque simplemente no les gusta ese festival.
estas protestas no tienen nada que ver con las del resto de los chilenos.
están protestando porque están en contra de la desigualdad y del Gobierno de Piñera.
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los manifestantes desmienten que les parezca mal la celebración de este festival en tiempos de crisis.
algunas personas consideran que el festival no debe celebrarse debido a la crisis que vive el país.
a todo el mundo le parece bien que se esté celebrando ese festival a pesar de la crisis.
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miles de personas expresaron su apoyo al Gobierno de Sebastián Piñera.
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