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Hurricane Hermine made landfall early Friday in Florida, bring threats of floods, landslides, surges and even tornadoes, according to the United States National Hurricane Center (NHC). The hurricane is expected to gradually weaken until it becomes a tropical storm.

Hermine, which has been marked category 1 and poses a mortal threat, according to the authorities, made landfall in Florida’s northern St. Marks locality slightly before 2am local time (6am GMT), with maximum sustained winds of 130kilometers per hour.

This is the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Wilma swept through the state in 2005.

According to NHC, Hermine will continue moving in the northeast direction through Florida, later entering Georgia, and South Carolina at night, while it is expected to reach North Carolina by early Saturday.

The hurricane is expected to gradually weaken until it becomes a tropical storm.

The latest bulletins of the NHC extend the alert across a large part of the US coast, including northern areas such as the state of New Jersey and New York, as well as Virginia and Delaware.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said Thursday that Hermine presents a mortal danger to the residents in the northern part of the state, urging them to prepare themselves and buy sufficient water for three days and saying that the power supply could be affected.

In Tallahassee, near St. Marks, 32,000 people have already lost access to electricity.

Scott said the greatest concern was a storm surge, which could inundate the region and leave people trapped in their houses during the passage of the hurricane. At that point, authorities would not be able to do anything to help them, he added.


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