Keys to learn how to use imperative tense in Spanish.
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Imperative tense and its form in the Spanish language

Imperative mood in the Spanish language hasn’t forms for all persons neither numbers of the verb. The imperative has its specific form for the second person singular and plural (“tú” and “vosotros/-as” [you]), while for the rest of persons we use the present subjunctive.


positive imperative:

The pronouns are always after the verb and these are added to it.


– Háblame despacio que no te entiendo

-Cómprate algo por tu cumpleaños

-Escríbele una postal desde Madrid

-Respóndanles con rapidez

   √ Examples of imperative tense in the regular verbs:


Baila (verbs ending in -ar) 

Bebe (verbs ending in -er) 

Escribe (verbs ending in -ir) 


Bailad (verbs ending in -ar)

Bebed (verbs ending in -er) 

Escribid (verbs ending in -ir)


Negative imperative:

Its form is like present subjunctive and the pronouns are always before the verb and separated from it.


No te vayas tan temprano

No le des tantas golosinas

No me llames a estas horas por teléfono

No os vayáis a la cama muy tarde hoy   

√  Examples of imperative tense in the regular verbs:


No bailes (verbs ending in -ar)

No bebas (verbs ending in -er)

No escribas (verbs ending in -ir) 


No bailéis (verbs ending in -ar)

No bebáis  (verbs ending in -er)

No escribáis (verbs ending in -ir)



Imperative tense of some irregular verbs:

Decir (to say): di / decid

Hacer (to do): haz / haced

Ir (to go): ve / id

Poner (to put): pon / poned

Salir (to go out) : sal / salid

Ser (to be) : sé / sed

Tener (to have): ten / tened

Venir (to come): ven / venid


Nekane Celayeta/ Spanish teacher for foreigners/ University of Navarre/Visiting Researcher in Georgetown University, special for PracticaEspañol

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