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In memory of the Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés

Edgar Ávila/ Veracruz (México)/ Veracruz conmemorates in April the 500 years of its foundation keeping in mind its deep roots connected to the arrival of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés, according to the organizers of the event. 

The “500 Años de la Vera Cruz A.C.” foundation, which unites 257 members between writers, historians, sculptors, painters, teachers, photographers, gastronomic experts and musicians, is the manager of the acts, which will begin on April 22th.

The executive presidente of the foundation, Jaime Baca Olamendi, claimed to EFE that the 500th conmemoration of the first American city council’s establishment is an opportunity to be born again and reinvent itself.

“The 500-year Foundation has as its essential mission the supreme conmemoration of an historical event, whose impact is equivalent to the birth of a Nation, the arrival of a culture that merges with the indigenous cultures in a syncretism that exists”, he added.

The celebrations of the Foundation of the Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz, today the State of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico and the constitution of its council, expect to get away from the polemic generated by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who asked for an apology of the king Felipe VI, regarding the abuses committed during the conquest.

“We’re convinced that this should be taken from the positive point of view, seeing it as an opportunity that Veracruz citizens and mexicans have to conmemorate the events occurred 500 years ago”, said Baca Olamendi.

Beyond the conversies, he stated that relations between the Veracruz people and Spain are excellent because of the big amount of Spanish root in Veracruz, as well as others communities such as the Lebanese, German, French or Chinese.

“Veracruz is founded in a place where there wasn’t a settlement of the primary people, where there wasn’t a previous settlement. Then it begins to create a multicultural community of many nationalities, not only of the indigenous peoples, but of Europe”, he added.

Historians attest the deep roots of Veracruz with people from Spain, Holland or France until the reinvention over the centuries of a city that was the entrance door of Hernán Cortés to what is now Mexico.

In this way, Veracruz is considered a city in which, over the centuries since the arrival of Hernán Cortés, European families or from other places have had the  ability to integrate and start new lives.

Baca Olamendi reminds that, despite the fact that the first constitutive certificate of the Veracruz council’s constitution isn’t signed, it’s celebrated every April 22th.

For this edition of the 500th anniversary of the Veracruz’s founding commemoration it has the support of the municipality and the Government of Veracruz for the celebration of 30 events that will be developed since April until next December.
“There are artistic and academic activitites, a huge gastronomic festival with the participation of 30 municipalities. It’s very varied and we believe that it’s a very nice offer for Veracruz and Mexico”, he added.
Although the Foundation’s president recognises that the request for apology to Spain by Lopez Obrador has affected four years of the historic, cultural and ambitious project, it’s accurate to underline “what unites us”.
The controversy unleashed by López Obrador continues to enable Mexican historians remember that the conquest of Hernán Cortés would not be possible without the help of peoples such as the Nahuas, the Tlaxcaltecas o the Texcocans, among many others, which looked for the obtaining of better life’s conditions and get rid of the Aztecs.

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Recaudar fondos.
Condenar los abusos de la conquista.
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El presidente ejecutivo de la fundación
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Un colaborador de la fundación
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Más de 500 miembros
Menos de 300 miembros
Más de 300 miembros.
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Cada 1 de abril.
Cada 22 de abril.
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