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“Incarnated in fictional entities, with fleeting descents from the clouds, the narrator’s life passes, inventing other selves” (Miguel Delibes)

Words by the Spanish author Miguel Delibes (Valladolid, 1920-2010) that are part of the speech he gave upon receiving the Cervantes Prize in 1993: “Incarnated in fictional entities, with fleeting descents from the clouds, the narrator’s life passes, inventing himself other selves ”.

Novelist, Doctor of Law and professor of History of Commerce, as a journalist he was director of the newspaper El Norte de Castilla.

Delibes won the Nadal Prize in 1948 with The shadow of the cypress is lengthened, a novel to be followed Still is Day (1949), The Road (1950), My Idolized Son Sisí (1953), The Red Leaf (1959), Las rats (1962), Five hours with Mario (1966), The wars of our ancestors (1975); The holy innocents (1981) Lady in red on a gray background (1991) and Coto de hunt (1992); The dethroned prince, from 1973, The shroud (1970), The treasure (1985), A year of my life (1972) and The heretic (1998).

Miguel Delibes, who is considered one of the great authors of Castilian letters, also received the Prince of Asturias Award in 1982, the National Award for Letters (1991) and finally, the Miguel de Cervantes Award (1993), which he considered as “an honorable retirement” with “a trace of melancholy” before “a life lived.”

The National Library opens in Madrid a great exhibition dedicated to the novelist on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, which will be held on October 17, with valuable testimonies provided by the Miguel Delibes Foundation, some unpublished.

Miguel Delibes, being a cartoonist for the Valladolid newspaper El Norte de Castilla (1941), chance gave him two years later the opportunity to become a staff writer, and from the Valladolid School of Commerce, where he taught, he was seduced by the literature through a manual and spurred on by his wife, Ángeles de Castro.

But he was also a soldier during the Civil War, a student, husband, father of seven children, unrepentant hunter, nature lover, precursor of environmentalism and defender of the rights and freedoms of an agrarian class that still worked with a Roman plow and looked at the sky. waiting for the miraculous water, as reported by EFE in a news story by Roberto Jiménez.

Miguel Delibes also wrote a series of articles for the EFE Agency, between 1982 and 1984, with the heading “Around my world in eighty pages.”

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