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Barcelona / The leader of Ciutadans, Inés Arrimadas, criticizes the candidate of JxCat, Quim Torra during his speech on the second day of the investiture debate in the Catalan Parliament.

Arrimadas says the candidate’s ideology is clear in those writings when defending “xenophobia, exclusive identity and populism.”

“What you represent is past, it is anachronistic in the Europe of the 21st century”, said the national spokesperson of Ciudadanos to the candidate.

Listen MP3 (May 14, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“An ideology that defends xenophobia, defends an exclusive identity, that defends populism, no, these are not 6 tweets, these are not 6 tweets.” When you say “Spain has essentially been an exporting country of misery, materially and spiritually speaking” that’s what you think or when you say, “No, it’s not natural to speak in Spanish in Catalonia”. Am I doing something unnatural, Mr. Torra?”

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Question 1
En el MP3, ¿a quién se está dirigiendo Inés Arrimadas?  
A los periodistas.
A Quim Torra.
A un compañero de su partido político.
Question 2
En el MP3, Arrimadas...  
no está en contra de Torra.
se muestra crítica con Torra.
está de acuerdo con Torra.
Question 3
Sobre el uso del castellano en Cataluña...  
Arrimadas piensa que es antinatural.
Arrimadas no dice nada en este MP3.
Arrimadas piensa que no es antinatural.
Question 4
Según Arrimadas, la ideología de 'Torra' es 'excluyente'...  
porque no deja fuera a nadie.
porque deja fuera a otras personas.
porque es global y conciliadora.
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