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Buenos Aires/ The bel canto and ingenuity-updated-of the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini arrive from Friday at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires through the voice of mezzosoprano Nancy Fabiola Herrera, who stars “La italiana en Argel” with the Stable Orchestra of the Buenos Aires Coliseum.

With a version that changes the period to place it in the interwar period and fuses it with elements more typical of the magazine, the Spanish singer will debut at the Colón, one of the few international stages that she still has to conquer.

“Rossini had a very special peculiarity, he wrote from joy, his music always raises your spirits, it is a light music and at the same time with depth”, says Herrera in conversation with Efe, while admiring the Golden Hall of the Teatro Colón, where he affirms feel the energy of the great ones who passed by there.

The renowned Canarian singer, who stood out in 2017 for her triple operatic presence at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, believes that “the walls are impregnated with the people who pass through them, especially in the operas”.

“Rossini always gave prominence to strong women, with a lot of character, with determination and intelligence”, reflects Herrera, giving merit to the feminine roles of a Rossini whom she imagines as “a great vividor” and “in a way”, a feminist.

In the opera, Isabella embarks on the search for a boyfriend who has kidnapped some Algerian pirates who later kidnap the one played by Herrera, an artist who has shared the stage with Plácido Domingo and Gustavo Dudamel and whose performances stand out as Carmen in the Bizet’s homonymous opera.

Already in Algeria and in the hands of the pirates, a sultan asks his subjects that he wants an Italian woman for his harem, something that she opposes while trying to free her beloved.

In the course of the story, there are many comical situations that have the classic seal of Rossini to which joins the personal touch of Joan Anton Rechi. (May 3, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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En el texto se dice que...  
el mes que viene se estrenará una ópera de Rossini en Argentina.
la semana pasada se estrenó una ópera de Rossini en Buenos Aires.
pronto se va a estrenar una ópera de Rossini en la capital argentina.
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Según el texto, esta obra...  
podría estar ambientada en el siglo XX.
estará ambientada en la época de Rossini.
se representará con algunos cambios.
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Nancy Fabiola considera que la música de Rossini...  
alegra y anima a la gente.
es triste y melancólica.
es tenebrosa y deprimente.
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Esta mezzosoprano...  
descarta que Rossini dé mucha importancia a los personajes de mujeres en sus óperas.
afirma que no hay ningún personaje principal femenino en las obras de Rossini.
considera que las mujeres fuertes tienen un papel fundamental en las obras de Rossini.
Question 5
"La italiana en Argel" cuenta la historia...  
de un hombre que lucha por liberar a su amante de los piratas.
de una mujer que se hace pirata para ayudar a un sultán.
de una mujer que intenta liberar a su novio que fue raptado.
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