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Iraqi forces enter Mosul

Iraqi forces have managed to enter the city of Mosul from the eastern front, where they fought with jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in the Kukyeli neighborhood.

The head of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service, Abdelgani al-Asadi, told EFE that his troops liberated in the recent hours a part of Kukyeli, which is considered the gateway to Mosul, and have surrounded the neighborhood.

Al-Asadi estimated that Kukyeli could be taken from the jihadists completely on this day, although he added that because of its size the operation may require “more time”.

The Iraqi troops retook control of Bazwaia, also on the eastern front, and made progress in Kukyeli, located 900 meters (0.5 miles) from the entrance of Mosul.

About 250 inhabitants of Bazwaia were evacuated on Tuesday and are being transported to camps.

The head of the Iraqi joint operations, Talib Shaghati, said Monday that the liberation of Mosul would take place “very soon”.

The major offensive by the Iraqi army and its allies to retake Mosul from IS began on Oct. 17.

Bartala, Iraq, Nov 1  2016, EFE/PracticaEspañol



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