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Ireland cancels the traditional St. Patrick’s parade in Dublin

Dublin / The Irish Government has suspended the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the national patron, that runs every March 17 through the streets of Dublin and is attended by more than half a million people.

A special committee chaired by the acting Irish Prime Minister, the Democrat Leo Varadkar, made that decision after analyzing an expert report on Covid-19.

A number of St. Patrick’s parades have also been canceled in other locations in the country, such as in Cork, the second most populous, in which more than 2,000 artists participate and congregate some 50,000 people in its streets every year.

These measures are part of a broader plan of action, which will give more details Varadkar, designed to contain the spread of this contagious disease.

There is a “moderate to high risk”

Health Minister Simon Harris warned that Ireland could face a “very serious coronavirus outbreak,” similar to what countries such as Italy, France or Germany are experiencing.

To date, no fatalities have been confirmed, but authorities have detected 33 Covid-19 cases across the island of Ireland, 21 of them in the Republic of Ireland and 12 in the British province of Northern Ireland.

Speaking to the RTE public network, Harris said that, according to expert reports, there is a “moderate to high risk” of this country following a “pattern of contagion similar” to that which other European nations are registering.

“What we have to do from the Government and from society is, above all, prepare to give support to vulnerable groups of older people and people with underlying pathologies,” said the minister, who also asked the citizens for calm.

He acknowledged that “many people are worried,” but recalled that “80 percent” of those who contract the coronoavirus will experience a “mild illness,” while “some” will be “very sick.”

Last weekend the six-nation rugby matches of the Six Nations tournament that were going to play the men’s and women’s absolute and sub21 national teams against their respective Italian rivals were canceled in different stages of the Irish capital. (March 10, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news on video (March 2019):


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de la cancelación de una importante celebración en Irlanda.
del número de personas que suelen asistir al desfile del día de San Patricio.
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sí habrá desfile del día de San Patricio a pesar del brote de coronavirus.
se canceló el desfile del día de San Patricio para evitar que haya más contagios por coronavirus.
el Gobierno de Irlanda todavía no ha tomado ninguna medida para evitar que haya más contagios.
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Sobre San Patricio se dice que...
se celebra su día todos los años el 17 de marzo.
muy pocas personas celebran su día en Irlanda.
no es cierto que sea el patrón de Irlanda.
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Según el texto...
Harris descarta por completo que el brote de coronavirus pueda ser muy grave en el país.
se tomó esa medida sin tener en cuenta un informe realizado por expertos.
se piensa que es posible que Irlanda pueda seguir un patrón de contagio parecido al de otros países.
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En el texto se dice que...
Harris desmiente que haya muchas personas preocupadas por el COVID-19.
muchas personas están preocupadas por el COVID-19.
por ahora, solo se han detectado una decena de casos de coronavirus en Irlanda.
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la hoja de trébol de tres hojas es un símbolo nacional de Irlanda.
ese desfile tuvo lugar en la capital de EE.UU.
no había gaiteros en ese desfile.
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