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A British resident in Benidorm (Alicante, Spain) offers 10,000 euros to whoever gives him a photograph that proves Earth is not flat, that is, in which at least a part of the Earth’s circumference is appreciated.

Howard George Stirrup told EFE he is convinced that the surface of the planet is flat and has hung the challenge in his Facebook profile and on YouTube, where he has received thousands of visits “but no photographs”.

Stirrup started offering 1,000 euros and now, even more convinced of his hypothesis, has raised the reward to 10,000.

The Briton bases his unwavering faith in the supposed mathematical laws that indicate that for each mile of square distance there should be about twenty centimeters of curve according to the theory defended in the Pythagorean school.

If that were the case, he says, “how is it possible that from Benidorm we can see the entire buildings of San Juan without losing sight of the first floors due to the supposed circumference of the earth? There are 33 kilometers away. “

An example that extends to other places in geography that, in his opinion, show that the spherical property of the planet does not exist.

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“I’m going to put ten thousand euros of my money for someone who can help me show the curve because I do not think we live in a sphere, I do not know if it’s flat, I’d like us to stop with contradictory weird theories and explanations and I’m fed up to see only one test source, NASA, because there is a lot on the Internet that shows that they have made false applications in their videos and in their images that are not photos that are images by Photoshop.”

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Question 1
Según el MP3, este británico quiere…
que los astrónomos presenten una nueva teoría sobre cómo es en realidad la Tierra.
que la gente deje de cuestionar la veracidad de las imágenes de la NASA.
que alguien le dé una prueba fehaciente sobre si la Tierra es o no es plana.
Question 2
En el MP3 se dice que…
este británico dará cientos de miles de euros a quien logre demostrar que la Tierra no es plana.
este británico ha recibido miles de euros para demostrar que la Tierra es plana.
este británico está dispuesto a dar miles de euros para que se demuestre que la Tierra no es plana.
Question 3
Según el MP3, este hombre…
está harto de que solo haya una fuente para demostrar qué aspecto tiene la Tierra.
está cansado de oír teorías extravagantes que defienden que la Tierra es plana.
está harto de que haya gente que dude de la veracidad de las imágenes de la NASA.
Question 4
Este británico afirma que…
la NASA nunca ha llegado modificar las imágenes y vídeos de la Tierra.
es inverosímil que la NASA haya manipulado las imágenes y vídeos de la Tierra.
se ha demostrado en Internet que la NASA modifica sus imágenes y vídeos de la Tierra.
Question 5
Este hombre no cree que la Tierra sea plana.
En absoluto.
Así es.
Nadie lo sabe.
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