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Israel Supports US Unilateral Reimposition of Iran Sanctions

Jerusalem / The Israeli government showed its support for the US announcement to unilaterally reimpose sanctions against Iran, which were rejected by the three European countries that signed the 2015 nuclear pact with Tehran, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

“Even now, Iran continues to be a significant threat to the world and the region. Its leaders continue to move forward with their nuclear project while terrorist ‘proxies’ operate throughout the Middle East, ”said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

The “continued pressure of the US government against Iranian aggression is vital and I commend its uncompromising efforts against the Iranian regime in the name of regional stability,” he added.

Also the Foreign Minister, Gaby Ashkenazi, wanted to thank the White House for the “dedicated action, led by President Trump and Secretary (of State Mike) Pompeo at the UN Security Council to prevent the lifting of the arms embargo to Iran “.

Ashkenazi urged all countries to support Washington, “not to sell weapons to Iran and to apply sanctions completely,” and called for a change of opinion from the three European countries involved in the nuclear pact with Tehran.

“I call on our friends, the E3 countries – France, the UK and Germany – to withdraw their opposition and work towards a rigorous implementation of the sanctions regime, both at the state level and in the European Union and in the UN institutions”, he insisted.

The reinstatement of sanctions and Iran’s response

The Iranian government assured this Sunday that the unilateral measure by the United States to reestablish international sanctions against its country is “a great threat” to world peace and to the UN, and warned to give “a serious response” if necessary.

At midnight from Saturday to Sunday, the US unilaterally declared reinstated all international sanctions against Iran that were lifted with the 2015 nuclear deal and threatened to oppose UN members.

In August, Washington initiated a procedure before the UN to reestablish these sanctions, but the majority of the Security Council – including the rest of the powers with the right of veto – consider that the US cannot use this mechanism since it abandoned the pact in 2018.

The Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and the United Kingdom contested the US decision and assured that “the decisions or measures that may be adopted in relation to this process have no legal effects.” (September 21, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
En general el texto habla...
de la reacción de Irán tras el anuncio del Gobierno de EE.UU.
del acuerdo nuclear que se alcanzó con Irán en 2015.
de lo que dijo el Gobierno de Israel después de anunciarse unas sanciones a Irán.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
Israel también está en contra de esas nuevas sanciones que se van a imponer a Irán.
Israel está de acuerdo con las sanciones que EE.UU. restableció a Irán.
Israel no se ha pronunciado ni a favor ni en contra de las sanciones que EE.UU. impondrá a Irán.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...
tanto la ONU como Reino Unido dieron su apoyo a EE.UU. para que se vuelvan a imponer unas sanciones a Irán.
esta es la primera vez que se va a imponer sanciones a Irán.
Israel pidió a los países del E3 que también apoyen la implementación de esas sanciones a Irán.
Question 4
Según el texto...
EE.UU. estuvo a punto de abandonar el acuerdo nuclear alcanzado con Irán en 2015.
Israel considera que Irán es un peligro para el mundo.
se establecieron de nuevo esas sanciones porque la ONU aceptó la petición de EE.UU.
Question 5
Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
no queda claro si Irán tiene la intención de hacer algo.
Israel pidió a los países del E3 que no vendan armas a Irán.
los países del E3 afirmaron que esas sanciones se aplicarán de inmediato.
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En el vídeo se ve que...
el presidente de EE.UU. está anunciando esas nuevas sanciones en una rueda de prensa en la Casa Blanca.
miles de personas se están manifestando a favor de esas sanciones.
hay soldados del Ejército de Irán desfilando.
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