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Italy’s schedule for full reopening

Rome / The President of the Italian Government, Giuseppe Conte, has presented at a press conference the schedule agreed with the regions to reach a complete reopening of the country after two and a half months of closing activities and confining the population.

A reopening schedule that will depend on the responsibility of the regions, which must analyze epidemiological data and assess the possibility, even, of decreeing closings again.

The government will receive daily data from the regions on the progress of the epidemic and also reserves the right to intervene if necessary.

At the moment, not all activities will be reopened at the same time throughout Italy. There are regions like Lombardia, Piedmont and Tocana that have already announced that certain activities will have to wait, such as the opening of restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and museums.

The schedule presented for the de-escalation in Italy is as follows:

– From May 18:

They will be able to reopen all the shops, hairdressers, beauty centers, bars and restaurants, private beaches, public offices and museums. All categories must respect health protocols.

The religious celebrations of all the confessions present in the country are also allowed.

They will be able to move freely within their region, except for more restrictive provisions for specific areas where a higher risk of contagion will be detected. “You can go to the beach, the lake or the mountains” without justifying anything, Conte explained.

They can also meet whoever they want, including friends, until now it was only possible to visit relatives and “stable couples”.

– From May 25:

The opening of gyms, swimming pools and sports centers will be authorized.

– From June 3:

It will be possible to move freely between different regions, but it will be evaluated according to the data on the epidemic and more restrictive measures can be decreed for certain areas.

It will be possible to travel to foreign countries, but international and EU restrictive measures continue to be applied and therefore also those that limit entry to foreign countries from Italy.

It will be possible to enter Italy from the European Union without the obligation of 14 days of quarantine. “A measure that serves to revive tourism,” said Conte.

– From June 15:

Cinemas and theaters will reopen, and a series of “recreational offers for children” will begin, that is to say, the announced summer camps.

(May 18, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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El texto habla...  
del motivo del cierre de museos, restaurantes y bares en Italia.
de las fechas de la reapertura de Italia.
de forma genérica de las regiones de Lombardía y Piamonte.
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En el texto se dice que...  
la reapertura de Italia comenzará dentro de dos meses.
a partir de este lunes se reabren todos los comercios y establecimientos de Italia.
ya comienza la paulatina reapertura de Italia.
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tanto bares como restaurantes podrán abrir a partir de hoy.
todos los gimnasios estarán abiertos a partir de este lunes.
a principios del mes de junio se podrá visitar de nuevo los museos.
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Según el texto...  
los turistas que lleguen a Italia tendrán que estar dos semanas en cuarentena.
el lunes que viene ya se podrá ir al gimnasio.
los turistas extranjeros podrán visitar Italia la semana que viene.
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En el texto se dice que...  
las autoridades ya no creen que sea necesario respetar los protocolos sanitarios.
el presidente italiano llegó a acuerdo con las regiones italianas para llevar a cabo esta reapertura.
se podrá ir al cine antes de que acabe este mes de mayo.
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hay restricciones en el transporte público para evitar contagios por COVID-19
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