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Former Minister of the Interior and former president of the Basque PP Jaime Mayor Oreja has warned that the announcement of the dissolution of ETA culminates in reality the “legalization” and legitimation of the band, and “strengthens” its political project, which is none other than ” the rupture of Spain “.

In statements to EFE, Mayor Oreja has warned that ETA’s announcements put an end to a long process that began with the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and legitimize its objectives, which go through self-determination and the future holding of referendums that make possible the “destruction” of Spain as a nation.

Throughout this process, he warned, “the truth has been lacking” and what is happening these days is the “great staging of a lie” with which ETA seeks to “put the score to zero” in order to make their claims.

“Those who believed that the important thing is that ETA stopped killing at any price” now see how there is “a rupture project more reaffirmed than ever” that is not only in the Basque Country and Catalonia, but also in Valencia, the Balearic Islands or Navarre.

Mayor Oreja, Minister of the Interior from 1996 to 2001, assured that in 1998 one of the international mediators offered to carry out this process that has ended today, but did not want to do so because it meant legitimizing the terrorist group’s objectives as it has happened now.

Listen MP3 (May 3, 2018):


Read translation of the transcription:

“And fundamentally, what makes this act of Cambo is to complete the legalization and a legitimation of ETA’s objectives, of the organization itself, isn’t it? Somepeople say it is the dissolution of the organization, but the political project of ETA is strengthened because it is legitimized.”

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Question 1
En el MP3, Jaime Mayor Oreja...  
está dando su opinión sobre el acto de ETA en Cambo.
está hablando de los inicios de ETA.
está recordando su etapa como ministro del Interior en España.
Question 2
Sobre ese acto, Mayor Oreja...  
descarta que ETA pueda legitimarse con ello.
considera que el proyecto ETA se legitima y se fortalece más.
piensa que ETA no ha logrado llevar a cabo su proyecto.
Question 3
Según Mayor Oreja...  
ETA  estará disuelta el año que viene.
ETA abandonará muy pronto su proyecto político.
ETA no ha abandonado su proyecto político.
Question 4
ETA es una organización terrorista.  
No se sabe.
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