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The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, has been in favour of “listening to solutions” such as creating outside the EU classification centers for migrants if they serve to control migratory flows, although analyzing “how it is done and with what guarantees”.

On Sunday June 30, European leaders hold an informal summit on immigration to prepare a European Council, which will address proposals such as launching centers or regional “landing platforms” to classify whether immigrants arriving in the EU Europe are economic or have the right to asylum, and depending on this let them enter or not in their space.

“It’s about discussing whether that solution, depending on how it is done, can contribute to controlling flows that are going to increase, what we can not do is do nothing,” Borrell told a Spanish radio station.

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“You have to study all the possibilities. The problem is not so much the where as the how. The how and the who, how the rights of those people are guaranteed if we want to avoid people throwing themselves into the sea, because we can not ensure their rescue, and because some countries do not want to ensure their collection, politics requires exploring all solutions. Some solutions are better than others.”

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Question 1
En el MP3, Borrell está hablando...
de cómo se ha originado un problema.
de cómo se ha logrado solucionar un problema.
sobre la forma en cómo se podría solucionar un problema.
Question 2
Según el MP3, Borrell dice que...
hay que ver todas las soluciones posibles para resolver ese problema.
no hace falta tener en cuenta todas las posibles soluciones para resolver el problema.
todas las posibles soluciones son muy buenas para resolver ese problema.
Question 3
Para Borrell, solo hay que tener en cuenta dónde está el problema.  
No es verdad.
No se sabe.
Es verdad.
Question 4
El problema del que habla Borrell hace referencia...  
solo a las personas que trabajan en salvar las vidas de otras.
a las personas que ponen en peligro sus vidas para llegar a otros países.
a las personas que deciden volver a sus países de origen.
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