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Sydney (Australia) / The Colombian artist Juanes prefers the Spanish language to sing but does not rule out doing it also in English “or better yet” in Spanglish, as he told EFE.

Juanes has included English language for the first time in his album Mis planes son amarte (2017), but, as he clarified before his concert in Sydney, it has been “an experiment” and “a personal challenge to do one thing” in that language and not one step to enter into Anglo-Saxon market.

“I think it’s still very important for me to sing in Spanish, it makes me feel very connected to my essence but also learning the language better, maybe I can risk doing a couple of things in Spanglish or another song in English. Eventually, I would do it but not in a serious plan,” said the singer-songwriter and musician from Antioquia, who as a non-commercial personal challenge has included a song in English on the album Mis planes son amarte.

“The fact of being able to mix languages works a lot,” said the famous interpreter of A Dios Le Pido, when he reminded us Latin American music is expanding more and more internationally.

At 45, he is not afraid that the source of creativity will run out while he continues experimenting with music and his feelings

“Even though I am 50, 60, 70 (years old) I think I will continue experimenting. I have freedom and more clarity of what I want to do and I do not want to do”, said Juanes and he said his priority of his work is not to win prizes like the Grammy, but he got dozens of awards.

In his second visit to Australia in less than six months, Juanes not only has won the Hispanic-American market, a growing community in the oceanic country with the continued arrival of international students and young professionals, but also conquers the public of other nationalities. (April 5, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (May 8, 2017):


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Question 1

El álbum “Mis planes son amarte es diferente que los otros porque…

es el álbum más exitoso de Juanes.
tiene su primera canción en inglés.
va a cantarlo en el siguiente concierto.
Question 2

¿Por qué Juanes ha incluido el inglés en su álbum?

Porque es un experimento y un reto personal.
Porque da un concierto en Sídney.
Porque quiere entrar al mercado anglosajón.
Question 3

Según el texto, la música latinoamericana…

se va expandiendo cada vez más internacionalmente.
conquista solamente al público hispanoamericano.
solo se canta en español.
Question 4

Según dijo Juanes, la prioridad de su trabajo es…

seguir experimentando y hacer lo que quiere hacer.
expandirse en el mercado internacional.
ganar muchos premios como los Grammy.
Question 5

Según el vídeo, la canción Mis planes son amarte” tiene un ritmo de…

folk colombiano.
folk colombiano con el rock y el pop.
el pop y el rock.
Question 6

Según la entrevista, ¿quién es muy importante en su inspiración musical?

Su mujer.
Sus compañeras y sus amigos.
Sus tres hijos.
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