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Judge blocks online publication of manuals for 3D printing of guns

Washington / A US federal judge on Tuesday blocked the publication of manuals for the 3D printing of weapons just hours before their scheduled online distribution by a Texas group that had reached an agreement with the Donald Trump administration to do so.

In his ruling, Judge Robert S. Lasnik, who presides over a court in Washington state, said that the publication of the manuals by Texas-based Defense Distributed creates “the probability of irreparable harm.”

His decision responds to a motion filed by prosecutors of several states in the face of the imminent online publication – slated for Aug. 1 – by Defense Distributed of the manuals for 3D printing of pistols and AR-15 assault rifles on its Web site.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Donald Trump said that the 3D printing of plastic guns “doesn’t seem to make much sense” after his administration reached a legal agreement with Defense Distributed, the group promoting this activity.

“I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!” said Trump in a Twitter post, referring to the National Rifle Association, the powerful US pro-gun organization and lobbying group.

Defense Distributed reached a settlement to publish the manuals with the federal government in June.

The agreement was the conclusion of a five-year legal battle in which the 2009-2017 government of former President Barack Obama argued before two federal judges, but the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, that the downloadable manuals for how to print plastic weapons violated firearms export laws.

However, in a sudden decision, the Trump administration reached an agreement in June with Defense Distributed to allow the group to once again provide the instruction manuals for printing 3D weapons on the Internet starting on Aug. 1.

In addition, the agreement established that the manuals are approved for publication in any form and that the US government will pay $40,000 to cover the legal fees incurred by Cody Wilson, the founder of the group and the individual at the center of the controversy.

On Monday, eight states and Washington DC filed suit to fight the settlement between the US government and Defense Distributed arguing that providing the downloadable plans online will allow criminals to acquire weapons without going through the standard sales, registration and background check procedures. (August 1, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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En la noticia se dice que...  
un juez permite que una empresa pueda publicar manuales para imprimir armas 3D.
un juez ha impedido que se publiquen unos manuales para imprimir armas 3D.
todos los jueces estadounidenses están a favor de la fabricación casera de armas.
Question 2
Según el texto, la empresa que iba a publicar esos manuales...  
consiguió el apoyo del actual Gobierno de EE.UU.
estuvo a punto de alcanzar un acuerdo con el actual Gobierno de EE.UU.
no tenía los permisos necesarios para poder distribuir y vender esos manuales.
Question 3
Según la noticia, varios jueces de EE.UU. consideran...
que habrá más seguridad en el país cuando los ciudadanos puedan fabricarse sus propias armas.
que sería muy peligroso permitir que las personas puedan crear un arma utilizando esos manuales.
que es imposible que la distribución de estos manuales suponga un peligro para la sociedad.
Question 4
no cree que tenga mucho sentido fabricar este tipo de armas.
piensa que la decisión del juez no tiene mucho sentido.
considera que es una buena idea que las personas fabriquen este tipo de armas.
Question 5
En el vídeo se habla principalmente de...  
una medida para reducir la venta de armas en EE.UU.
unos tiroteos que ocurrieron en unas escuelas estadounidenses.
una protesta para pedir que se controle más el acceso a las armas.
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Según el vídeo, la mayoría de las personas que se manifestaron...  
eran estudiantes.
eran profesores.
eran policías.
Question 7
Según el vídeo, EE.UU. es el país...      
donde a penas se registran tiroteos en centros educativos.
donde el número de tiroteos en escuelas se está reduciendo cada vez más.
donde se registran más tiroteos dentro de centros educativos.
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