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“La Traviata” will reopen the Real: “We must not be afraid to live”

Madrid / The Real is now a theater “bounded and sectorized”, with security measures that have cost 340,000 euros, so its managers believe that the reopening of the next 1 with “La Traviata” will be a success: “neither canceling is an option” nor you have to “be afraid to live,” said those responsible.

“You have to have the courage and the initiative to know how to adapt and achieve the conditions to do it,” stressed the mayor of the coliseum, Joan Matabosch, accompanied by its general director, Ignacio García-Belenguer, the director of the orchestra. , Nicola Luisotti, and the “violettas” and “alfredos” of the four casts that will alternate until July 29.

There will be 27 performances -eight more than those initially planned-, with a total of 24975 tickets “activated”, “practically” all of which had been sold for this production, which will be in a semi-staged version of “concert”, not of dramatized opera , for which they have returned to the subscribers part of what they had paid.

The premiere will be with a capacity of 50% and, “possibly”, from July 6 it will be expanded to 75%: “we will open in September with the availability that is allowed at that time,” stressed García-Belenguer.

The general director has listed the security measures that have been incorporated beyond the masks and the disinfecting gel and the “3,000 hours” dedicated to disinfection: they will be accessed through six different entrances, depending on the locality you have, and there the temperature to the spectator will be measured; All the keys have been changed for automatic taps in the toilets, which have been expanded by 8, and 19 different catering areas have been enabled.

The doors will open an hour earlier, the breaks will be 40 minutes instead of 30 to facilitate the evacuation and entry, and stickers have been placed on the seats informing them to follow the instructions of the room staff -29 ushers in total – as well as the toilets and bars that correspond to that specific area of ​​the room.

“It is a limited and sectorized theater,” stressed García-Belenguer, who recalled that all the workers, cast, choir and orchestra have taken the “pcr” tests to ensure that they are not infected and that they undergo daily control. .

The theater, he stressed, has been advised by a group of experts, including doctors Santiago Guillén, Concha Pérez and Pedro Jaén, to take the “safest” measures.

“Cancel is no longer the option”

“After this interruption, we should not sit and wait for things to normalize on their own. The priority is to guarantee the safety of the public and from there have the courage and initiative to know how to adapt, “said Matabosch, who recalled that the great victims of the situation have been the artists.

“Canceling is no longer the option and the Teatro Real has to go to other solutions (…) It is“ very comfortable to say ‘I don’t open until there is 100% of the capacity ‘”, added Matabosch.

The director of the orchestra has made a passionate defense of the return to the theaters: “We do not have to be afraid of living but of not living”, he said, “proud” to be the first to take the lead of the orchestra in Real after having been the last to do so at La Scala, on February 23.

“We need to feel, listen live to the artists. The world needs art. We have a duty to return to life ”, added Luisotti, who will hand over the baton in six functions to Luis Méndez.

Leo Castaldi, Willy Decker’s assistant in the production of “La Traviata” that was initially planned, has explained the “concept” that he has designed for this “semi-staged concert”: he has divided the scene into 2 × 2 meter grids, where they will be located the members of the choir and the soloists, “small islands” from which they will transmit “the brutal emotion” of their roles.

“Coming to do‘ La Traviata ’here is a way to face the fear of presence. I know it will not be a normal function but it will be a night of great theater, “he promised.

Marina Rebeka, who will alternate with Ruth Iniesta, Ekaterina Bakanova, Lana Kos and Lisette Oropesa, has highlighted the parallelism between the situation that Violetta is experiencing, the unfortunate “consumptive” that is dying alone, with which those who have died from the coronavirus have suffered. : “It makes it very current and strong”.

“Artists are essential, we are what gives hope to society. We are very grateful to be here, for the common good, “said Michael Fabiano, who will sing the role of Alfredo with Iván Magri, Matthew Polenzani and Ismael Jordi. (June 25, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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