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Labor Party calls for airport testing to reduce quarantine

London / The British Labor Party has asked the Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to introduce coronavirus diagnostic tests at airports in order to minimize the quarantine period imposed on travelers arriving from countries considered at risk, including Spain.

In a letter to Home Secretary Priti Patel, Labor spokesman Nick Thomas-Symonds urged “a swift review to resolve the chaotic quarantine measures” which, he said, are “losing confidence of citizens ”and harming the air transport sector.

In the letter, released this Sunday, the opposition deputy maintains that the changes should include the introduction of a “solid testing system” at airports and ports of entry to the United Kingdom and other monitoring, which would help “minimize the need to do fourteen days of quarantine ”.

A spokesman for the Johnson Government has stated, for its part, that it is working with scientists, regional governments and the aviation sector “to evaluate whether, or how, diagnostic tests could be used in the future to reduce the period of isolation ”.

“Any change to a testing regimen will have to be well founded in order to prevent positive cases from escaping,” he said.

Diagnostic tests and temperature controls

British airlines and airports such as London’s Heathrow have also requested the introduction of diagnostic tests and temperature controls, in order to offer more guarantees to the aviation sector, one of the most affected by the restrictions arising from the coronavirus pandemic. and that it has already announced the elimination of thousands of jobs.

The Conservative Executive has been widely criticized for its application, on short notice and often without consulting the autonomous governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, of a mandatory quarantine of travelers from countries considered at risk, a list that is reviewed weekly.

At the same time, a survey released today, carried out for the non-profit organization Fundación de la Salud, indicates that 56% of citizens believe that the Executive has not managed the COVID-19 pandemic well, compared to 39% who thought so last May. (September 7, 2020, EFECOM / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news in video (August 14, 2020):


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Principalmente, el texto habla de...
cuándo los viajeros que llegan a Reino Unido deberán cumplir una cuarentena.
forma genérica de un aeropuerto de la capital de Reino Unido.
lo que ha pedido el Partido Laborista al Gobierno británico.
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En el texto se dice que...
el primer ministro británico anunció que ningún viajero tendrá que estar en cuarentena.
el partido laborista dijo que todos los viajeros que lleguen a Reino Unido deben estar en cuarentena.
el partido laborista quiere que se hagan pruebas en los aeropuertos para detectar el COVID-19.
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En el texto se dice que...
las aerolíneas también pidieron que se realicen pruebas diagnósticas.
los viajeros que vengan de España no tendrán que estar en cuarentena.
nadie cree que las medidas de cuarentena sean caóticas en Reino Unido.
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Según el texto...
la mayoría de los británicos piensa que el Gobierno está gestionando muy bien la crisis del COVID-19.
el Ejecutivo ha consultado en todo momento a los gobiernos autonómicos.
la crisis del COVID-19 ha afectado negativamente a las aerolíneas.
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En el vídeo se dice que...
ahora los viajeros procedentes de España no tendrán que cumplir una cuarentena.
solo se ha detectado un centenar de casos de COVID-19 en Reino Unido desde que comenzó la pandemia.
los viajeros que vengan de Francia también deberán cumplir una cuarentena.
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