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Lawyer for Dolce and Gabbana will appeal the sentenced to one year and eight months of jail for tax evasion.

Lawyer for Dolce and Gabbana, who are sentenced to one year and eight months of jail for tax evasion, have explained that they will wait for the ruling’s reasons and will launch and appeal.

The Milan court sentenced the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to one year and eight months of jail. They are accused of a tax evasion close to 1,000 millions euros. (1,3 million dollars).

Also, Judge Antonella Brambilla ordered that the couturiers should pay to Italian treasury a provisional amount of 500.000 euros (668,650 dollars), according to the Italian media.
Los diseñadores italianos Domenico Dolce (d) y Stefano Gabbana (i) apelarán su condenaa un año y ocho meses de cárcel por evasión fiscal
The judgment ruled by the Milan court is lower than the one applied by prosecutor Gaetano Ruta, who asked for two and a half years of prison for the two designers. There were charged five more people in this case.

Ruta claimed on his sentenced that both couturier were “the persons who were more beneficed” by the tax evasion on a large scale.

This case judges the alleged tax evasion made by their Dolce & Gabbana mark, which created a company named “Grado” headquartered in Luxemburg. This company appeared as the owner of some marks of the group, although it was managed from Italy.

Thus, the profits from that mark operations were paid abroad and not in Italy, where those taxes should have been paid, according to the public prosecutor’s office who carried out the investigation between 2007 and October 2010.

Furthermore, the two couturiers were accused of transferring the marks of their empire to “Grado” company for 360 million euros (464 million dollars), which is most inferior to the real amount. The prosecutor estimates the earnings on 700 millions euros (903 millions dollars) .


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Dolce y Gabbana acuden como testigos a un juicio
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Evadir 1.000 millones de euros
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