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The judge in charge of the Court number 1 in Tui (Pontevedra) has decreed provisional detention, communicated and without bail for the owner of the pyrotechnics closed La Gallega and of three clandestine stores of pyrotechnic and explosive material, for the alleged crimes of catastrophic risk, homicide reckless, reckless damages, reckless injuries and illegal possession of explosives.

The man, F.G.L., was arrested again after being located by the Civil Guard last weekend two clandestine warehouses similar to the one that last Wednesday exploded in the parish of Paramos, in Tui, and that cost the life of a couple and it destroyed dozens of houses.

The judge appreciates, according to sources at the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia, that after the appearance of two new deposits, whose existence was not mentioned in the judicial declaration last week, the circumstances have varied and that is why she has decreed her entry into prison.

His lawyer, Ricardo Valencia, has detailed his client has declared before the judge and has assured that he did not have hidden more clandestine stores of pyrotechnic products.

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“(The judge) issued an order of imprisonment communicated and without bail and nothing else. Let’s wait and see how this theme evolves. No, they charge him with the crime of possession of explosives and catastrophic risk for the events. The reason for the entry into prison is simply because of the events of the weekend, of the searchings.”

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le imputan un delito por vender explosivos de forma ilegal.
le imputan un delito por posesión de explosivos.
le han condenado por comprar unos explosivos ilegales.
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su cliente va a salir de prisión porque van a hacer unos registros.
su cliente está en prisión porque no se hicieron unos registros.
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