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Marine Le Pen announced on friday that that if she wins the French presidential elections next May 7, the line of the high-speed train (TGV) that connects with Spain by the Mediterranean in the direction of Barcelona it will completed.

The right-wing candidate has pointed out in a television interview on Friday that the state of that corridor with Spain is a shame considering that the Spaniards have finished their part and the French have not.

In his opinion France gives thus “a sample of weakness”.

Of the other high-speed projects in France, Le Pen has said that if she is the next president of the country it will analyze them “case by case”.

The high-speed line from Paris to Nimes is currently in service, while from Nimes to Perpignan, trains have to use the conventional line, which means a much longer journey time.

The high-speed infrastructure is also operational in the international section of Perpignan-Figueras and from Figueras to Barcelona.

In total, the route between Barcelona and Paris now lasts almost six and a half hours when it would be reduced by more than an hour if the entire line were high-speed.

From the west of France, from the beginning of July the high speed will start operating in the section between Tours and Bordeaux, which will reduction in an hour the route between Bordeaux and Paris.

The extension from Bordeaux to Toulouse and eventually to the Spanish border by the Basque Country is underway.

From Paris, Ángel Calvo of the Agencia EFE, 28 APRIL 2017, PRACTICAL

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