Do you know what are the phrases which you must learn if you don't speak Spanish? This vocabulary will help you with 14 useful examples.
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Learn these 14 useful phrases if you don’t speak Spanish

Despite of we don’t speak the same language, we can understand each other and specially today thanks to the help of mobile technology and online translators. Even so, it is always good to try to express yourself, without help, in the language of the other. In this post, we have prepared 14 very useful phrases if you don’t speak any Spanish and you plan to travel or move around a Spanish-speaking geographical area.



No hablo español.  (I don’t speak Spanish.)

No entiendo nada. (I don’t understand anything.)

Me he perdido.  (I’m lost.)

Necesito ayuda.  (I need help.)

¿Me ayudas? (Do you help me?)

¿Hablas inglés? (Do you speak English?)

¿Hablas mi idioma? (Do you speak my language?)

¿Hablas otro idioma? (Do you speak other language?)

¿Cómo se va a….? (How do you go to…?)

¿Cómo voy a…?  (How do I go to….?)

¿Cuánto vale?  (How much does it cost?)

¿Cuánto cuesta? (How much does it cost?)

¿Dónde está…?  (Where is…?)

¿Puede echarme una mano? (Can you lend me a hand?)



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