Is it very hot? 15 ways to say in Spanish "today is really hot!"
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Learn to say “hace mucho calor” in Spanish (It’s really hot!)

“Apretar el calor” o “asarse”, “freírse” and even “¡ahogarse de calor!” are some of the verbs with which we form habitual expressions when the thermometer rises, sometimes above 40 degrees. So, the Spaniards use idioms, sayings or popular sayings to say that the heat is suffocating, unbearable or simply “hace mucho calor” (it´s really hot !, it´s very hot!). In this post, we have gathered 15 of these phrases for you to practice with them:



-¡Qué calor!
It´s really hot!

-¡Hace muchísimo calor!
it´s very hot!

-Hoy canta la chicharra (cigarra).
Today, the cicada sings.

-Hace un sol de justicia.
It´s a Sun of righteousness.

-Me aso de calor.
I am suffering for heat.

-Hace un calor asfixiante.
The heat is oppressive.

-Hoy aprieta el sol.
Today, Sun is oppresive.

-Hoy aprieta el calor
Today, heat is oppresive.

¡Hoy el calor es atómico!
Today, heat is atomic.

– ¡El calor es sofocante!
The heat is stifling!

 -¡Vaya calorina!
Well, “calorina”!

-Hoy vamos a freírnos de calor.
Today we will us frying of heat.

-¡No es calor, es fuego!
Is not heat, is fire!

-¡Vaya día de bochorno!
Well, day of hot stuffy!

-Este solano, ni en invierno, ni en verano.
This solano (east wind) not in winter and even in summer (*) .

Pía Valls,  EFE/PracticaEspañol

(*Literal translation.)

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