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Lesser-known side of Cézanne on display in New York City

New York City (US) / More than 250 works on paper by Paul Cézanne, ranging from sketches to watercolors and showing a crucial and little known facet of the French painter, are displayed in a major exhibition that opened Thursday at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

Cézanne Drawing re-examines the work of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, analyzing his creative process along with new information about his career of almost six decades, in which it is estimated that he made 2,100 works on paper.

Among the pencil pieces are personal portraits in which he, his wife and his son appear, as well as studies of still life, nudes and sculptures, and delicate watercolors of bathers.

Cézanne (1839–1906), usually recognized as a painter in styles that range from Impressionism to Constructivism, saw drawing as fundamental and it allowed him to investigate and experiment. He dedicated himself to it until his last days in his studio in Les Lauves.

“Cézanne Drawing will return works on paper to their central position within the artist’s oeuvre, demonstrating the extent to which this medium facilitated his legendary innovations and emphasizing how he used particular materials and techniques to generate meaning,” MoMA said in a statement.

The museum presents the viewer with “study sheets” in which various subjects are represented in different scales, styles, orientations and perspectives, showing the artist’s continuous search for the relationship between disparate motifs and genres.

The exhibition also shows a series of oil paintings from the MoMA collection and other private and public collections around the world to bring together one of the largest collections of the Frenchman’s work in the United States.

Cézanne Drawing opens Thursday for MoMA members, and to the general public from June 6 to Sep. 25. (June 3, 2021, EFE)

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El texto habla de...  
las obras de arte más conocidas que hay en el MoMA de Nueva York.
una exposición sobre un pintor francés.
la vida de un conocido pintor francés.
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En el texto se dice que...    
esa exposición se centra en las obras de juventud del pintor Paul Cézanne.
esa muestra se centra en una faceta poco conocida de Paul Cézanne.
todo el mundo conoce la faceta de dibujante de Paul Cézanne.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...  
el dibujo es importante en el proceso creativo de Cézanne.
Cézanne solo realizaba dibujos cuando era joven.
para Cézanne, el dibujo no era muy importante en el proceso creativo.
Question 4
Según el texto...  
Cézanne apenas hizo trabajos sobre papel.
también hay acuarelas entre las piezas que se exhiben en esa muestra.
no hay ningún retrato entre las piezas que se exhiben en el MoMa.
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En el vídeo observamos que...  
también hay óleos entre las piezas que se exhiben.
todas las personas retratadas están de perfil.
solo hay óleos en esa exposición.
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todos los dibujos están coloreados.
ninguna de las personas retratadas lleva puesto un sombrero.
una mujer retratada lleva un vestido de color negro.
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