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Libya: 3,000 people displaced by attacks

Tunisia / Nearly 3,000 people have become internally displaced because of the fighting in Tripoli, which on Monday they intensified and forced the closure of the airfield at the Maitiga military base, the only operational airport in the capital.

Security sources explained to EFE that the action of the bombing fighters under the command of Marshal Jalifa Hafter, a strong man from Libya, forced the diversion of all flights to the aerodrome in the neighbouring city of Misrata, which has sent troops to help the government imposed by the UN in Tripoli.

The eastern forces, which since Thursday tried to advance towards the centre of the capital, also bombarded dozens of positions in the vicinity of the old international airport, disused for years but essential in terms of military strategy.

Protected by the planes, ceded by the United Arab Emirates, the ground units also doubled their action in Wadi Rabie and Kasr Ben Ghachir, two of the surrounding neighbourhoods, the scene of heavy fighting in which an unknown number of casualties occurred, he told EFE a source of Security.

“There are dozens of vehicles with machine guns that shoot without stopping from each side of the street,” explained a resident of the neighbourhood who managed to avoid the fighting on Monday and escape with his family heading north.

By late afternoon, the war situation was confusing on the ground with the two parties claiming victories: the government imposed by the UN claimed to still control the international airport and Hafter’s army had snatched a dozen positions in the south.

In this atmosphere of increasing violence, a diplomatic source from the UN assured EFE that the United Nations mission in Libya has already removed all its personnel from the country and is preparing to announce the postponement of the National Conference scheduled for the next few hours the next Sunday. (April 9th, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (April 6th, 2019):


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Question 1
It's said in the text that... (En el texto se dice que...)
aún continúan los ataques en la capital de Libia.
se ha anunciado el alto al fuego después de unos ataques en Trípoli.
se desmiente que se hayan incrementado los ataques en Trípoli.
Question 2
Según el texto, esos ataques...  
no tienen nada que ver con el desplazamiento de miles de personas.
han causado el desplazamiento de millones de personas.
han causado el desplazamiento interno de miles de personas.
Question 3
It's said in the text that who are fighting... (En el texto se dice que están combatiendo...)
dos grupos rebeldes en un país fronterizo con Libia.
el gobierno que impuso la ONU contra el Ejército de Hafter.
el gobierno impuesto por la ONU junto a Hafter contra un grupo rebelde.
Question 4
It's said in the text that... (En el texto se dice que...)
un aeropuerto de Trípoli volvió a estar operativo.
aún no se ha cerrado ningún aeropuerto en la capital de Libia.
un aeropuerto fue cerrado a causa de los ataques.
Question 5
It's said in the video... (En el vídeo se dice que...)
Hafter pide a la comunidad internacional que acepte el diálogo.
la comunidad internacional pidió a Hafter que dialogue.
Hafter decidió frenar la ofensiva en Trípoli.
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