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World Nivel B2


A British judge sentenced Thomas Mair to life imprisonment for “brutal and ruthless” murder of the labour MP Jo cox, at who he shot and slashed mortally on June 16, a week before European referendum.


Mair, 53, and linked to extreme right wing, murdered Pro-European MP, 41, and mother of two little sons, at the end of the campaign before historic plebiscite, in which won brexit or leaving of United Kingdom from European Union (EU).

After delivering its verdict of guilty for murder, the judge of the criminal court in Old Bailey in London, where was held court hearing, sentenced the defendant to serve life imprisonment, a penalty that magistrate justified due to “exceptional gravity” of the crime committed.

Widower of the parliamentarian, Brendan Cox, her parents Jean and Gordon Leadbeater and her sister Kim were present at the court at the time of the verdict.

In declarations to the court, the politician’s husband said the family was not present in order to beg for a punishment.

“For the person who did this, we have nothing but pity that his life was so devoid of love and consumed with hatred that this became his desperate and cowardly attempt to find meaning,” widower said.

Cox’ death

Death of the MP was “a political and terrorist act, motivated by hate”, that has resulted in an outpouring of love, he added.

Cox’ murderer kept links with groups of extreme right wing, suffered depression and was on medication, according to British media after incident.

Incident occurred last June 16 in the locality of Birstall,in the English county of West Yorkshire, when Cox worked as parliamentarian in her circumscription and shocked British society at the end of the campaign of the European referendum.

Mair, who denied charges brought against him, among these possession of a firearm and intent to harm a 78-year-old man who tried to help Cox, did not present any defence plea, remaining impassible while the verdict was read.

Murderer shouted “United Kingdom first” at the time of attacking Cox, according to eyewitnesses.

November 25, 2016, EFE/Practica Español

Grammar notes:  imperfect of the subjunctive, past tenses

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...
Un tribunal británico ha dictado una sentencia.
Un tribunal británico todavía no ha emitido el fallo.
Ha comenzado el juicio sobre la muerte de Jo Cox.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que...
Un hombre asesinó a una mujer que quería ser política.
Un hombre asesinó a una política británica.
Un hombre asesinó a Jo Cox tras celebrarse un referendo.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...
Jo Cox fue asesinada en junio del año pasado.
Jo Cox fue asesinada antes de celebrarse el referendo.
Jo Cox fue asesinada un día antes de celebrarse el referendo.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que...
El asesino solo utilizó armas de fuego.
El asesino utilizó armas blancas y de fuego.
El asesino solo utilizó armas blancas.
Question 5
En el texto se dice que el acusado...
Realizó un breve discurso de defensa.
No realizó ningún discurso de defensa.
Se arrepintió de lo que hizo.
Question 6
En el texto se dice que Mair...
Será ajusticiado.
Estará en prisión de por vida.
Estará 10 años en prisión.
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