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The new first captain from FC Barcelona, Argentine Lionel Messi, has lamented the escape of talent from the Masía, and considers the following about the style of play of Barça: “It has lost a bit the bet for the quarry. Important guys have left and it is rare that it happens in the best club of the world”.

In an interview with Sport newspaper, the captain of the Argentine team has again validated the signing of Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, if Barça finally bet on him.

“Yes, I agree that to win the Champions League again we have to have the best players. And Griezmann is one of them”, he said.

About the season for the teams already concluded, he regretted that Barcelona has not been able to win the Champions League (dropped in the quarterfinals against Roma), but stressed that would not change the double obtained (League and Cup) for the continental trophy.

Listen MP3 (June 10, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“Whether it is a priority or not… but I do agree that we want to achieve Champions League so desired, which we all want to win again, we have to have the best players. Griezmann is one of them. And if the club can bring it, I’m happy. I do not know if it is the priority or not. That already depends on what they decide in the technical secretariat, what the technician asks for.”

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Question 1
En el MP3, Messi...  
no cree que su equipo tenga que fichar a nuevos jugadores.
asegura que su equipo va a fichar a Griezmann.
está dando su opinión sobre un posible fichaje de su equipo.
Question 2
Messi considera que...  
el club necesita tener a los mejores jugadores para ganar la Champions.
no es necesario que el equipo tenga jugadores muy buenos para ganar la Champions.
su equipo ya tiene a los mejores jugadores y no necesita a más para ganar la Champions.
Question 3
Según el MP3, Messi...  
no cree que sea buena idea que el club fiche a Griezmann.
no tiene nada en contra si el club decide fichar a Griezmann.
está seguro que el club hará todo lo posible por fichar a Griezmann.
Question 4
A Messi le gustaría volver a ganar otra Champions con su equipo.  
Así es.
Para nada.
No se sabe.
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