Leo Messi talks about Real Madrid before game Barça-Madrid at Camp Nou next December 18. Listen to his voice and practice your comprehension.
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Lionel Messi (very strong)

The voice of the Argentine football player Lionel Messi when talking about the regularity of Real Madrid, a rival that, in his opinion, will arrive “very strong” to the classic that will be played at the Camp Nou on December 18.

“I expect a Real Madrid very strong, which has been very regular. The Barça-Madrid and the Madrid-Barça are separate, special matches, no matter how one or the other arrives”, said Messi in a commercial act of a sports brand.

Messi appeared at the event accompanied by the sixth Golden Ball that he recently won, an award that he described as “special at the moment” in which he is “on a personal and football level.”

“All the awards are special, all are different, each one has something special. This is special for the moment when I find myself on a personal and football level. They are all special, each one has its own little thing and this one too”, he said.

According to the captain of Barcelona, the secret to continue at the top of his 32 years is “perseverance and work.”


1.- Listen to the MP3 (December, 11, 2019):



2.- Fill the gaps with the missing words while you’re listening to the MP3:

“Un Real Madrid ______ fuerte como es, como _____ ______, que ______ _____ _____  regular en estos últimos partidos, en Champions. Barça-Madrid, Madrid-Barça _____ son partidos aparte, partidos especiales, que ____  importa cómo llegue _____, cómo llegue ___  ____, si bien creo que estamos en un momento ____ bueno ____  ___  ___ como el _____.”

3.- Read the translation of the transcripction:

“A Real Madrid very strong as it is, as it has been shown, that has been very regular in recent games, in the Champions League. Barça-Madrid, Madrid-Barça are always separate games, special matches, no matter how one arrives, how the other arrives, although I think we are in a very good moment both one and the other.”


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Escucha el MP3 y responde estas preguntas. (Listen to the audio and answer these questions.)

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Question 1
En el MP3, Messi está hablando... (In the MP3, Messi is talking about...)
de un partido de Champions que ha jugado.
del Real Madrid.
de un partido que acaba de disputar contra el Real Madrid.
Question 2
Escuchando a Messi, entendemos que... (Listening to Messi, we understand that...)
duda que el Real Madrid esté jugando bien últimamente.
actualmente el Real Madrid está jugando muy bien.
los partidos Barça-Madrid no tienen mucho interés.
Question 3
En el MP3 se dice que... (It's said in the MP3 that...)
el Barça está más 'fuerte' que el Real Madrid.
los partidos Barça-Madrid no suelen ser muy especiales.
tanto el Real Madrid como el Barça están muy bien en estos momentos.
Question 4
Escuchando el MP3 entendemos que Messi... (Listening to the MP3, we understand that Messi...)
está dando su opinión sobre el Real Madrid.
está preguntando algo sobre el Real Madrid.
está pidiendo algo a alguien.
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