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Madrid / The City Council of Madrid has ordered three companies commercializing electric scooters, the Swedish VOI, the German Wind and the American Lime, which within 72 hours, is completed on Monday, December 10, remove all electric skates from the streets that has deployed.


The reason given by the City Council of Madrid is that the applications (APP) of these multinationals don’t determine the areas for which these vehicles can’t circulate.

The City Council refers to streets and pedestrian areas or large roundabouts where roads with multiple lanes of traffic and with a speed of 50 kilometres per hour.

The Consistory forces shared scooter companies to obtain a municipal authorization to operate in the city.

According to municipal sources, to date there are 18 companies in the capital interested in providing electric scooter service.

These applications will be studied to assess whether they meet the requirements required to operate regulated by a municipal ordinance.

The City Council wants a “balanced distribution” of these scooters around the city, avoid saturation of areas and ensure road and pedestrian safety.

Among other requirements, the companies of scooters must have insurance, adapt their applications (apps) to the passable areas in electric scooters (streets at 30 kilometres per hour, bike lanes and cycle tracks) and ensure the interoperability of their computerized localization systems with those of the Town Hall to check the number and location of the scooters.

According to an ordinance in force since last October 24, in Madrid the electric scooters – which are prohibited from going down the sidewalk – can circulate on bicycle lanes and streets at 30 kilometres per hour along 85% of the streets of Madrid, basically those of a lane by direction or a single lane.

Last August, a 92-year-old woman died in Spain after being hit by two young people who were riding an electric scooter at 30 km / h on a pedestrian street in a Barcelona municipality.

The withdrawal of electric scooters only affects the companies that hire scooters, not the users who have their own scooter and who can circulate in compliance with the regulations. (December 5, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
La noticia trata de...  
una orden del Ayuntamiento de Madrid para que unas empresas retiren los patinetes eléctricos.
unas propuestas realizadas por unas empresas para incrementar el alquiler de patinetes eléctricos en Madrid.
un acuerdo que ha alcanzado el Ayuntamiento de Madrid para que unas empresas alquilen patinetes eléctricos en la ciudad.
Question 2
Según el texto, el Ayuntamiento pidió esa retirada...  
a pesar de que los usuarios reciben información sobre las zonas por donde no deben circular.
a pesar de que las empresas han cumplido todos los requisitos exigidos.
ya que no se informa al usuario de las zonas por donde no debe circular.
Question 3
El Ayuntamiento...  
descarta que se vaya a hacer un reparto equilibrado de las zonas por donde se pueda ir en patinete.
no quiere que haya zonas saturadas por el uso de patinetes.
está estudiando la posibilidad de permitir la circulación de patinetes por la acera.
Question 4
Las empresas de patinetes...  
acaban de conseguir una autorización municipal para poder operar en la ciudad.
no tendrán que tener ninguna autorización para poder operar en la ciudad.
deberán tener una autorización para que puedan operar en la ciudad.
Question 5
Por ahora, nadie ha perdido la vida por haber sido atropellado por un patinete.
En absoluto.
Es verdad.
No se sabe.
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