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Madrid asks for the support of the military as it prepares restrictions in more areas

Madrid / The Community of Madrid has asked the Government for military logistical support to combat the coronavirus, as well as 222 members of the National Police and Civil Guard and the hiring of 300 non-EU doctors, while preparing mobility restrictions in more areas that it will announce on Friday.

The Madrid vice-president, Ignacio Aguado, has asked in the press conference after the Governing Council the collaboration of the military in the installation of tents, the performance of tests and the development of disinfection tasks in the 37 basic health areas in the that there are mobility restrictions from Monday.

Likewise, the Community of Madrid will request 222 members of the National Police and Civil Guard to carry out inspection tasks in these areas, ensure compliance with quarantines and, otherwise, apply sanctions.

In addition, the regional government will ask the national for an express reform of current regulations to include 300 non-EU doctors in the Madrid health system who were hired during the first wave of the pandemic and who now cannot be incorporated due to “state restrictions”, he said. Watery.

The region will formally transfer all these requests at an extraordinary meeting of the COVID-19 Group that will take place this Thursday with the aim that these measures are operational as of next Monday, September 28.

The COVID-19 Group is made up of the Vice President, Minister of Sports, Transparency and spokesperson for the Community of Madrid, the Minister of Health, and the Ministers of Health and Territorial Policy and Public Function, Salvador Illa and Carolina Darias, respectively.

The creation of this group was the agreement reached between the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, at the meeting held on Monday to coordinate measures against the advance of the coronavirus in the region.

“We cannot be in partisan strategy, in the scuffles, in the blame ping pong game, but we need to get to work now,” said Aguado.

In the event that it is decided to extend the restrictions to other areas of the Community of Madrid, an increase in troops will be requested from the Government, the vice president and regional spokesman have specified.

In fact, the Community of Madrid plans to announce this Friday mobility restrictions in more areas that would come into effect on Monday, as reported at a press conference by the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, who has declined to specify which new municipalities or districts could be affected.

Restricted areas

There are currently 37 health zones with mobility restrictions in the Community of Madrid.

Specifically, 26 areas are located in the districts of the capital of Carabanchel, Usera, Villaverde, Villa de Vallecas, Puente de Vallecas and Ciudad Lineal, and 11 in the towns of Fuenlabrada, Humanes, Moraleja de Enmedio, Parla, Getafe, San Sebastián de los Reyes and Alcobendas.

In these areas entry or exit is not allowed except for essential issues such as going to work, the capacity of the closed spaces is reduced to 50% and the commercial and hospitality establishments have to close at ten at night.

Zapatero has commented that some of these measures, such as the restriction of capacity, could be applied to the whole of the Community of Madrid.

Rapid antigen tests

On the other hand, it has been reported that this week or the next, rapid antigen tests will begin simultaneously in the 37 areas affected by mobility limitations, but giving priority to places where it is known that there is a greater transmission of the coronavirus.

Finally, around 520,000 of this type of tests will be carried out instead of the million announced last Friday, given that 25% of its inhabitants already have a positive PCR.

Although the intention was to begin to fine this Wednesday people who fail to comply with the mobility restrictions imposed in the 37 health zones, the Community of Madrid will wait for the courts to ratify this measure.

The Community of Madrid has registered 1,011 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours -254 more than the previous day- and the deceased have added forty, one more than the previous day, according to data from the Ministry of Health. (September 24, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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